Experience and expertise are powerful gifts that deserve to be shared. The way we exploit knowledge is central to our ability to develop. At SwissCognitive, we believe in transparent knowledge-sharing that enables organisations across industries not only to overcome the challenges of the digital age but also to find answers to urgent global questions. Our role is to help you achieve success by facilitating the exchange of experience and ideas and then bringing that exchange to the stage.


Regular half-day events, providing practical insight into the world of AI. The events are organised by SwissCognitive and hosted by a SwissCognitive Member Company.

The keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops are strongly content driven with non-sales approach, allowing transparent discussion about the development and challenges of AI. These events give an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience about practical use cases, and position own organisations amongst peers and clients in the world of AI. The event is by invitation only, rounding up with a flying networking dinner.

Focus: cross-industry transferable practical use cases
Target group:
Global AI-thinkers, experts, and C-Levels
Frequency: up to 5-6 times per year
Duration: Late afternoon (CET) followed by a Cognitive Networking Dinner or Virtual Apero

Location: Switzerland or Online



Regular half-day workshops, with intense discussions about the views and experiences on specific topics in the world of AI. The events are organised by SwissCognitive and hosted by a SwissCognitive Member Company.

These events focus each time on one topic outlined by the Hosting Member. The discussions are focused on the knowledge and experience in cognitive technologies, use cases and business models. The number of attendees is restricted to a small group to ensure thought-provoking discussions. The event is by invitation only, rounding up with a flying networking lunch.

Focus: Digital transformation | AI-supported transformation | Ethics… defined by the Host
Target group: experts, specialists, leaders
Frequency: 4-6 times per year
Duration: Morning (CET), followed by flying networking lunch or virtual get-together
Location: Switzerland or Online



Knowledge is power. But only if it is shared transferable and transparent. We need to work hand in hand and share our experiences & worse failures. This is how we can learn & progress, and ensure that the coming generations are more prepared for the potentials of cognitive technologies. 

This is what the Founders of SwissCognitive, Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze believe in – sharing for success. With this in mind, they both appear on global stages as AI influencers and thought leaders. They share their knowledge and experience to help organisations to tackle the challenges of digital transformation and help them to stay competitive in their industries.

Formats: Keynotes, Interviews (Interviewee, Interviewer), Panel Discussions (Panel Chair, Panelist)


Digital transformation is part of the era we are living in. Shaping organisational culture and developing the right strategies with adequate speed as well as expertise and experience, are all crucial. To remain competitive, strategies need to be re-thought and re-made.

In high-quality interactive workshops & seminars, Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze help organisations to rethink strategies and shape those according to the rapidly changing business environment and customer preferences. With their deep knowledge, they help to bring businesses to track that lead to process & quality improvements and eventually, successful digital transformation.

Formats: Round Table Discussion Leading, Workshop Leading


Some of the highly business-relevant topics in AI need sometimes a personal approach where the right questions are asked from the most relevant and knowledgeable persons. In our digital world, it is crucial that we stay human and approach questions from various angles. The CognitiveSofa discussions, therefore, address questions in the era of AI both from societies’ and business perspectives.

Formats: Discussions and Interviews


CognitiveVirtuals are regular online events bringing dozens of global AI leaders and experts together to share their views, experiences and expertise in the development of AI to the benefit of business and society. These 3 hour-long events are transparently addressing both the advantages and challenges of cognitive technologies while reaching and connecting a global online community of over ½ million followers.

CognitiveTank – focused on practical AI-based use cases
CognitiveNations – focused on countries in the global AI ecosystem