– Raise awareness, share knowledge and exchange experiences in cognitive technologies
– Presentations of concrete pilots and use-cases
– Workshops with national and international speakers

Target group: Global AI-thinkers, experts, and C-Levels
Frequency: up to 5-times per year
Duration: Afternoon followed by a CognitiveNetworking Dinner


Workshop in small groups

– Specialists share in-depth experiences on cognitive technologies, use cases, and business models
– Workshop with experts on specific topics

Target group: Experts, C-Level and management groups
Frequency: up to 10-times per year
Duration: Morning followed by a CognitiveNetworking Lunch


The global AI conference

– Raising public awareness for cognitive technologies
– Sociopolitical, ethical, technological, and economic discussions and debates
– Presentations and panel discussions with national and international contributors

Target group: everyone
Frequency: planned once a year
Event to come


Networking and Connecting

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