Steering Committee

Steering Committee

Marcus Dauck
Ringier AG Berufliche Schule für Wirtschaft und IT City Nord, Hamburg

Patrick Freudiger
CIO at AMAG Automobil- und Motoren AG

«The digital transformation has started in many sectors and AI/CI as a central aspect of this transformation will offer new inputs to AMAG as well.»

Peter Gassmann
Chief Commercial Officer at AdNovum Informatik AG

«Many actions which nowadays still require an intelligent human will be carried out by data, rules and learning algorithms in the future. The companies which learn the fastest to deal with these concepts and technologies in a sustainable manner will ultimately be on the winning side »

Samuel Hügli
CTO & Head of Digital Ventures at Tamedia

Pascal Kaufmann
Founder & CEO at Starmind International AG

«AI will be the ultimate game changer and be the next step in natural evolution: from man to thinking machines»

Thomas Landolt
Country General Manager at IBM Switzerland Ltd

«SwissCognitive ensures that we are remaining at the cutting edge in Switzerland.»
«Cognitive Computing will bring fundamental changes and it offers enormous potential.»

Christophe Lienhard
Head of Market Initiatives and Offerings at Swisscom

Urs Monstein
CIO at Julius Baer

«As a swiss bank we are dependent on a strong force of innovation in the area of information technology, SwissCognitive is an important initiative which has set the goal to ensure this force in the long run!»

Jürgen Pulm
Chief Executive Officer at RBS Services (Switzerland) Ltd

«SwissCognitive creates an ecosystem for the Swiss market in a future key industry, where Switzerland will be able to compete internationally at a top-level, and further, it transfers the hype around artificial intelligence into the context of real application possibilities.»

Eric van den Berg
Head of IT Strategy, Architecture & Innovation at ABB

Martin Zekar
Head IT Operations Management at SBB

Konrad Zöschg
CIO at Airport Zurich

«The energy, which SwissCognitive can channel by bringing shared interests together is impressive. The swiss economy proves once more its strength and innovation potential.»