Over 100 Swiss & International Companies

More than 30 Industries segments & 500 Participants
Representing over 2 Million Employees

Anim_Human_FlowArtificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm, and it is more than just the next hype. It will be one of the big steps of humanity. The impact of AI is comparable to the introduction of the printing press, the steam engine or the rise of the Internet. AI will stay. Therefore, the question is not ‘whether AI will change our world’ but rather “How are we dealing with these changes?” The world needs a place where all questions relating to cognitive technologies can be discussed. Moreover, everyone – economy, politics, society – needs to be involved and included in the discussion.

SwissCognitive is THE global AI Hub and the leading partner in providing answers to all the questions which arise around AI. SwissCognitive takes on the role of the coordinator in the rapidly changing world of AI. SwissCognitive is the independent and open environment where all key players from technology, economy, politics and the society in general can debate. According to our core principle ‘share for success’ it provides the means to share knowledge and experiences, and to consolidate and improve new scientific findings with a diverse audience. It is a hub to meet, exchange, connect, debate, and in the future maybe even decide.

In a nutshell – SwissCognitive…
… promotes cognitive technologies around the globe
… offers a neutral and open environment to meet, connect, debate about AI, regardless of regional or national boundaries.
… connects Technology Experts, Consultants, IT-Consumer, Companies, Organisations, Politics, Government, Industries and more, from all industry sectors.
… is a brand of WhyWait Ltd., an independent Swiss Company established in 2016.

A global AI hub needs a trusted and secure environment, a place with a well-respected international reputation, with an infrastructure to connect with the world, and with the experience for developing global hubs. Switzerland is the perfect place for our hub because it serves as the host country for many international organisations, such as the UN, WTO or the RedCross, various research centers from global tech companies (e.g. Google, IBM, etc.) are located in Switzerland and it has been ranked most innovative country in the world several times.

SwissCognitive’s goal is
… help to establish cognitive intelligence in companies to the extent that they become
increasingly independent and more competitive.
… to enable companies to become pioneers in the field of cognitive technologies.
… to create moments to initialize and support specific projects in companies.
… to reverse the trend to offshoring, in order to create tomorrow’s jobs.