Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the break-through technology of the century. It is a tectonic shift changing our world and impacting our lives directly. It presents opportunities that we need to learn, discuss, implement, and develop further. It also comes with risks, that we need to address openly, and by working together, reduce successfully. Together we are faster and stronger in maximising the potentials of AI that serves to the benefit of society on a global basis.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm, and it is more than just the next hype. It will be one of the big steps of humanity. The impact of AI is comparable to the introduction of the printing press, the steam engine or the rise of the Internet. AI will stay. Therefore, the question is not ‘whether AI will change our world’ but rather “how we are going to deal with the changes and challenges that it causes?” SwissCognitive wants to make AI beneficial to all, and therefore helps to adapt to it efficiently and sustainably.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

We try to have a very broad understanding of AI to ensure not to exclude anything and encourage innovation. Generally speaking, we understand AI as software which learns over experience and time. This approach leans on how humans learn, through experience and with time. Moreover, the result does not have to be perfect, but better with each attempt. A machine’s capacity to process input allows it to learn from massive amounts of data each new round and to handle more than humans can.

What is the current state of Cognitive Ecosystem?

Everything is moving and changing at lighting speed, that is what it feels like. However, most techniques used today are around 50 years old. So, what has changed? The answer is twofold first, computing power is a lot greater today than it has ever been. Second, there is more data to train models than ever. These two factors have led to an unprecedented upsurge in innovation around smart technologies, which include artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and many more. The technologies are revolutionizing many business models across all industries and open numerous opportunities for new businesses.

What are the potentials of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the great potential to change our entire world for the better good, both at work and in our private lives. New technologies can free us from repetitive tasks and help us to employ the human capabilities and qualities in areas where technology cannot reach. AI has the potential power to create a world where human abilities are amplified, as machines can help us to build on all the available data and knowledge that mankind collected over thousands of years of time. AI can also help us in decision-making and building a better future for humanity.  By implementing AI in all industries globally, jobs and lives can be made easier and more fulfilling – factory jobs can become safer, healthcare more effective, education better tailored, and traffic-flow and logistics more efficient.

What are the risks of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence scares many people, because it brings a long great change and is not always explainable to a full extent. However, it must be kept in mind that software is never good or bad, but what is done with it. AI might be used for less than noble undertakings, however it would be a mistake not to discover its potentials and not use it to societies’ advantage. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence will come into our lives whether we are ready or not, and therefore, the real risk lies in not preparing. This means educating our children, re-skilling our workforces and rethinking our business models.

Why SwissCognitive is the missing link?

AI is too big to be discussed and decided about separately all over the world. It is a topic that needs global framing. The world needs a place where all questions related to cognitive technologies can be discussed – a place where experts and all interested parties from all industries can be involved and included in the conversation. SwissCognitive provides exactly that: an AI hub – a trusted and secure environment with a well-respected international reputation, where knowledge and experience are shared, potentials, challenges and risks are discussed, and strong industry connections are made that not only organizations, but also societies benefit from.

Why to be based in Switzerland?

Switzerland has been ranked the most innovative country in the world several times. The country offers a trusted and secure business environment with high international reputation, and an excellent infrastructure to connect to the world by any means. Its strengths lie in high-quality employee training, a professional and reliable business environment, as well as an open and global-focused business culture. It serves as the host country for many international organizations, such as the UN, WTO and the Red Cross, furthermore various research centers from global tech companies such as Google and IBM.