Goals and Vision

Goals and vision. Two powerful words that we come across in the business world on a daily basis. But what fuels them is crucial for business survival. At SwissCognitive, this fuel is passion, spirit and energy. Three components that even in the world of Artificial Intelligence cannot be faked. Passion, spirit and energy helped SwissCognitive to form its goals and vision, and form strategies that pave the way to their realisation.   

What are the goals of SwissCognitive?

  • Unite the discussion about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and connect the different players in the field of AI globally
  • By motivating individuals, teams, organizations, societies, industries, politicians and governments to work together: establish an AI Ecosystem, where the potentials of AI are openly discussed, taken advantage of, and further built on
  • Offer a global hub where AI-associated risks are openly addressed and acted upon, and as a result minimised
  • Provide organizations with a competitive advantage in the means of AI, and help them to take advantage of that responsibly, beneficially, sustainably and ethically

What is the long-term vision of SwissCognitive?

  • Make AI an industry in the Swiss economy
  • Grow AI into a world economy relevant industry, where smart technologies generate a vast part of the global IT economy
  • Become the «World Economic Forum for AI» and grow into a Global Network Hub where decisions related to AI are made
  • Help governments, politicians, industries, organizations, teams and individuals to recognize the potential benefits of AI, and help them work together so the benefits can be witnessed globally from the North Pole, through the cities of New York, Paris, Kiev, Kabul, Jakarta, Melbourne, Mogadishu, La Paz, to the Amundsen-Scott Couth Pole Research Station.
  • Build up the industry of AI that improves not only the output and services of organisations but also global welfare

How SwissCognitive is to achieve its goals?

SwissCognitive has set itself high goals. To achieve them, we involve all layers of our community from all industries. We deeply believe that Artificial Intelligence will bring great changes along. We know, good change can only take place if everyone is in involved in the discussion as well as the decision-making.

To accommodate that, SwissCognitive has developed different types of events to connect the right people in order to exchange, brainstorm, learn and create strategies.

CognitiveBrains allow for a deep dive into a topic in a small group of experts, while CognitiveTanks serve a larger audience where experiences and knowledge can be shared across teams, companies and industries. In the future, CognitiveForce, a bigger conference will connect even more great minds.

Apart from our own events, SwissCognitive helps to bring the best speakers on stage at partner- or corporate events to further the dialogue on AI. We strongly believe in our claim “Share for Success”, which turns the business of transforming the world with smart technology into a very human based endeavour. Our mantra is “Why Wait? Act Now!” and we live and breath it with all we do.