Get involved

Get involved

Whether you chose to become a Speaker at one of our events, or your organisation becomes our Member, or you personally become one of our Global AI Ambassadors, it will come with great benefits not only for you personally, but also for your team, organization and the community you live in.

SwissCognitive Member

Participate in all SwissCognitive events Gain access to global stages in the world of AI Bring practical use cases on stage and position your organisation in the AI eco-system Take advantage of your peers’ and competitors’ knowledge and experience Build a strong network of industry experts, leaders, and developers across industries Benefit from our growing online community, reaching already 2 Million followers

Speaker or Workshop Leader

Present an AI-based use case in front of experts, leaders and developers, as well as our local and global AI community Based on a cross-industry challenge, lead or participate an interactive workshop Exchange knowledge and experience across industries & organisations Gain an insight into the AI world across infustries

Global AI Ambassador

Join our mission and advocate about the potentials and benefits of AI Influence and make an impact both in your own community and worldwide Become an active part of the digital transformation to drive the world forward

Swiss Advisory Board Member

Gain even more spotlight for your company within our community Enhance your credibility in the Swiss AI ecosystem Increase your visibility and strengthen your personal brand in the world of AI
Be aware, this is an opportunity open to our members and partners

Why wait?

We deeply believe that we all need to work together in order to reveal the potentials of AI and ensure that all layers of societies around the globe benefit from them. We want to bring tech-experts, leaders, professors, and organisations across all industries to our discussion tables to debate, exchange and share knowledge about cognitive technologies, and develop strategies for humanity’s advantage.

Therefore, Why Wait? Write us an email today. We are looking forward to reading from you.