Becoming involved

There are a few ways of becoming part of the SwissCognitive community. Whether you chose to become a speaker at one of our events, or you become our member, ambassador, or just join our over 220’000 followers on our social media sites, including for instance Twitter and LinkedIn – it will come with great benefits not only for you, but also for your team, organization and even community that you live in.  

Becoming a speaker

If you have a start-up company that uses AI to provide better services or / and products, you may become a speaker at one of our upcoming events. What important is that you present a use-case, be that a good or bad experience, that the audience can learn from and build strategies on. The purpose of this is to share your experience with great minds coming from different industry sectors, make them aware of your strategies in AI, and show that what worked and what didn’t. We don’t expect you to share company secrets, we just would like to have you on board if you are ready to become part of our working culture and motto of “Share for success”. 

Becoming a member

When you sign your company up to become a member of SwissCognitive you get to participate in all our events and provide speakers who present AI relevant use-cases from your company. You are also given the chance to host and co-organize events with us in your company. This gives you the opportunity to position yourself better in your industry and host great minds in your organization that you can learn from and gain great ideas from. You are also given the opportunity to organize workshops for a C-level crowd, and present AI use-cases, PoC, projects or pilots. During these events you can highly profit from other members’ knowledge and experience and gain insight into strategies and ideas that you may implement and build success on yourself. When you become a member of SwissCognitive, we can share your AI articles on our social media platform, reaching over 220’000 followers – giving you the opportunity for more publicity in the relevant crowd.  

Becoming a Writer

We post articles daily on our website around the topic of AI and are always looking for new and interesting content. Do you have an AI use-case you would like to present? Are you interested in exploring the impact AI has on our society? Are you passionate about educating our children about the potentials of AI? Original articles with a clear focus on AI, that are not selling a product or company are always welcome. Let us know how you can contribute and we will see how we can collaborate. 

Why Wait?

We deeply believe that we all need to work together in order to reveal the potentials of AI and ensure that all layers of societies around the globe benefit from them. We want to bring tech-experts, leaders, professors, and organisations across all industries to our discussion tables to debate, exchange and share knowledge about cognitive technologies, and develop strategies for humanity’s advantage. Therefore, Why Wait? Write us an email today. We are looking forward to reading from you.