AI and Jobs

Jobs and Artificial Intelligence a love story in the making

We at SwissCognitive believe that the rise of AI will lead to the creation of many interesting job opportunities. To highlight the possiblities new  technologies offer, we have launched a twitter campaign to show case over 200 jobs in the AI sector. Rounding off our campaign, this page provides you with interesting article around the topic of jobs and AI, as well as links to interesting rescources if you think about a change of pace in your job.

Instead Of Destroying Jobs Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Creating New Jobs In 4 Out Of 5 Companies

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AI will lead to humans losing their jobs and widespread redundancy – that’s the theory, anyway. However new research has suggested that firms which are investing in smart, automated and self-teaching systems are more likely to be creating jobs with it.

Researchers at Capgemini surveyed 1,000 organizations which have deployed AI-based systems and found that four out of five of them have created more jobs. Additionally, two thirds of respondents said there have been no reduction in overall jobs due to AI.

Of course, it’s very early days – the AI that even leading-edge businesses are using today is likely to look pretty stupid compared to the technology which will be available in five years’ time. But all the signs are that those predicting the first wave of machine learning applications will be used to augment existing human workforces, rather than make them redundant, are so far on the money.

Other findings of the report are that AI is already having a significant bottom-line impact – three quarters of respondents were able to attribute a 10% or greater rise in sales as a result of their AI deployment.

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Why the “AI is destroying jobs” argument is a bit overblown

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This is something you read a lot about these days: Robots are coming for your job; AI is driving human employment into extinction; the X jobs AI will take first. The articles are often accompanied with feature images of penniless humans and rich robots, robots enslaving humans, and worse.

To be fair, the warnings are founded in solid facts. It’s undeniable that artificial intelligence is transforming the employment landscape, just like every other technological revolution. However, the picture that is being portrayed is often too somber and overblown, heralding a near-future where human labor has become non-existent.


Part of the hype is due to the huge progress that tech companies have made in robotics and artificial intelligence, enabling computers to accomplish feats that previously seemed impossible. But the truth is that we still have a ways to go before we bring technological employment down on ourselves. And there’s a lot we can do to make sure we don’t create a robot apocalypse, Skynet, Genysis, or whatever dark name a dystopian AI future may be called.

So while speculating on the long-term disruption of employment, we should also try to better understand and prepare for the short-term displacement of jobs by artificial intelligence.

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