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SwissCognitive is The Global AI Hub and the leading partner in providing answers to all questions arising around Artificial Intelligence (AI). It provides a hub to share knowledge and experiences, and to debate about the development, outcome and impacts of cognitive technologies. Due to the complexity of AI, as well as its potentials and risks, SwissCognitive brings industries, companies, executives and technology experts together, and helps to put all levels of societies on a global basis on the same page in the AI-world.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the break-through technology of the century. It is a tectonic shift changing our world and impacting our lives directly. It presents opportunities that we need to learn, discuss, implement, and develop further. It also comes with risks, that we need to address openly, and by working together, reduce successfully. Together we are faster and stronger in maximising the potentials of AI that serves to the benefit of society on a global basis.



SwissCognitive unites the discussion about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and connects the different players in the field of AI globally. By pressing all parts of societies to work together, the goal is an established AI & Cognitive Ecosystem, where the potentials of AI are used, taken advantage of, and further built on. The vision is that societies and organizations benefit from employment and impact of AI and – very importantly – due to the use of cognitive technologies, global welfare is also noticeably improved.