CognitiveTank hosted by T-Systems

Use AI to kickstart your digital journey.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming integral to digitalisation – a fundamental component of the journey that allows us to reduce repetitive, time-consuming and redundant tasks, resulting in creating capacity for more lucrative added-value activities.  The journey that can enable us to become more connected on a human level again, and to focus on our human values that no AI is going to be able to replace.  

The first CognitiveTank of 2019 puts the spotlight on use-cases varying between industries to the Moon and back. Literally. We will bring close to ten hands-on examples on stage, demonstrating how AI can underpin digital transformation; combined with a panel discussion focusing on four different fields where AI has been making its impact already.

The program is going to be finalised in the coming weeks, so please don’t forget to check back on this website. We will also send you an update before the event with the exact schedule, speakers and topics.

Looking forward seeing you at the Event in the new year!



Date & Time

14th January 2019, @13:30

Host & Location

T-Systems Schweiz, Kloten


Presentations are held in German and English
All slides are in English


Event participation is by invitation only.

Keynote Speakers

T-Systems Schweiz

Object recognition with smart technologies – current applications and future potentials

Dr. Christian Spindler

Responsible AI – Creating fair and understandable AI applications


Dr. med. Drazen Jurjevic      Jaroslav Bláha
(FEBO)                                       CellmatiQ
Kantonsspital Winterthur

Landmark detection in medical images : Early-stage glaucoma diagnosis with AI

Arman Bukvic            Ivano Salogni
RBS                            Squirro

Using AI for unstructured client data in the private banking industry


Mark Allibone
Noser Engineering

Improving customers’ everyday experiences with AI – experiences and learnings


Dr. Daniel Angerhausen
NASA Frontier Development Lab / Universität Bern / Explainables Science Communication

Bringing Space Exploration AI applications back to Earth



Video from the last CongitiveTank


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