CognitiveTank hosted by KPMG


License to robot smart – From Automation to AI

Automation Intelligence, Human Behavior, Conversational & Augmented Intelligence, and CognitiveNetworking Dinner.




Prafull Sharma,  Partner at KPMG Switzerland

  • Are we still automating or are we already using artificial intelligence?

Lacques Ludik,  Founder of MIIA (President), Cortex Logic (CEO), Bennit.AI (CTO), Director of The Student Hub (ERAOnline)

  • Operationalizing of AI and Big Data & Analytics to help businesses thrive in the Smart Technology Era

Rebecca S. Bachmann, Partner, Spire Strategy

  • How AI technologies impact decision-making?

François Foglia, Deputy Director, Idiap

  • Idiap and AI, 25 years of history

Technical Solution Providers

  • Aldo Rodenhäuser, Head of Security Consulting, AdNovum AG
  • Luis António,  Partner, Advisory, KPMG
  • and more

Start Ups

  • Uri Feldman,  Algosave
  • Hervé Humbert, PredicSis

Impressions from past Events


Date & Time

18th September 2017 – 1:00PM

Host & Location

KPMG, Zurich


German & English

Testimonials from Participants