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Empower your organisation with vitamin AI

Digital transformation has already begun some time ago, yet, we are still in the very early stages of the AI-powered transformation. We are at the point where most organisations stand in front of two options. Leave it or take it. We must not forget: both options pair with crucial consequences.

When we think about which option to take, we need to take into consideration that Artificial Intelligence represents an opportunity – not only for businesses but also for society. AI drives innovation, productivity, efficiency and growth, thus, it is a vital ingredient of empowering people, businesses and industries. Artificial Intelligence is not about machines ruling humans. It is about machines and humans working together. When you combine human creativity & passion with technology, the results can be today almost unthinkable.

Considering the benefits of change, however, we cannot ignore that change does come with massive challenges. To understand how new technologies can be developed and applied to your own business is certainly not easy. For that you need the right framework to ask more profound questions and find the right strategy. Our CognitiveTanks provide that framework. We look at hands-on use-cases from a variety of industries and see how AI is being implemented into strategies, processes, operations and services and, see how we can apply the learning in our organisations and lives.

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Date & Time

11th March 2019, @13:30

Registration / Pre-Event Networking

12:30 – 13:30

Event Start:


Host & Location

Helsana Schweiz, Dübendorf ZH


Presentations are held in German and English
All slides are in English


Event participation is by invitation only

Keynote Speakers

Hans-Peter Keller

Hans Peter Keller

Helsana Versicherung AG

Welcome by Host
AI – What lies ahead. If anything.

Sandra Peter

Agile Transformation Cataclyst & Facilitator
Helsana Versicherung AG

Empower your company with vitamin AI

Umberto Michelucci

AI & Innovation
Helsana Verischerung AG

How to get the right AI capabilities?

Vladimir Lialine


AI – powered predictive maintenance of jet engines

Luca Baldassarre

Head of Data Science

Artificial Environmental Intelligence
With High Flying, Far Walking And Deep Learning 

Dr. Daniel Moldovan

Manager focusing on Artificial Intelligence

Emotion analysis during phone calls using AI

Dr. Christopher Ganz

Group VP Digital R&D
ABB Schweiz AG

Industrial AI – predicting failure

Dominik Keusch

Head of AI
F&P Personal Robotics

Taking care of the elderly with AI

Marcus Dauck

Chief Information Officer
Ringier AG

AI: This is how we do it

Corinna Rutschi

PhD Student in Information Systems
University of Bern

From ChatBot to VoiceBot –
Building and Transformation

Dominic Spalinger

Product Owner

From ChatBot to VoiceBot –
Building and Transformation

Tash Ter Braack

Advanced Mechatronics Research

How to become a data infrastructure wizard


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