Voice, Vision, Text – Structured Data

We want to show where deep learning has an impact namely in voice, vision, text and lastly structured data. We will explain the inner workings and challenges of these technologies. Showcase the evolution and lastly demonstrate that these technologies are more than ripe for integration. Lastly we will explain how data can fuel innovation by showing assets such as the Terminutor, a technology that automatically records and structures meeting minutes.


  • Deepen understanding of NLP, vision and voice
  • Meet world-class researchers
  • Learn about different use cases
  • Understand how to fuel innovation by using cognitive technologies


Impressions from this Event


Date & Time

6th April 2017 – 8:30AM to 12:30PM

Host & Location

IBM Research Rüschlikon –

Group Size

max. 20


Participants that are interested in learning how to use the different “senses of AI” to allow for evidence based decision making, improved processes and fuel innovation within an organization. This workshop will be relevant for both organizational and technical leaders.




Alexander Büsser

Alexander Büsser is a Consultant & Data Scientist at
IBM focusing on applying machine learning across
different functions and industries. He was largely
responsible for delivering machine learning solutions
for targeted marketing & sales, commodity futures predictions,
understanding socio-economic problems such as food security
and most recently building solutions towards personalized care.
Before joining IBM Alexander worked at Deusche Bank as an
equity structurer and holds and MSc from ETH in Computer Science