Data Quality is the fuel that makes AI run

Data quality has been important in all businesses, and in the era of cloud, big data and artificial intelligence this applies even more. Having clean and accurate data plays a great role in the level of success achieved.  

The 11th CognitiveTank will focus on AI can do for you when the quality of your data is right and how to ensure that your data is up to the task. We will look at numerous use-cases from various industries that demonsrate how data quality fuels the outcome of systems build on artificial intelligence.

As always, there will be presentations and workshops, as well as plenty of time to network with people across different companies and industries.



  • Opening by Host 10′
  • AI UseCases 6 x 20′
  • Breakout Session  1 x 60′
  • Cognitive NetworkingDinner



Date & Time

5th September 2018 – 1:30PM

Host & Location

Wipro, Dietikon


Presentations in German and English
All slides in English


Brendon Chamany

The Elements that ensure Success in an AI and Automation journey

The role of Automation and AI in redefining the future of work is now strongly established. Driving the enterprise automation journey in a collaborative ecosystem and measuring success through proven business outcomes are pivotal to the reimagination of business and technology processes. In this session, we will discuss what it takes to lead this transformation. And since experience speaks for itself, we will demonstrate some real-world use cases that substantiate the benefits that clients have derived through the Wipro HOLMES Artificial Intelligence Platform.

François Rüf

Towards a data driven organization

Machine learning and data is expected to be the fuel of the future economy – the next big productivity step. Netflix and Co are already showing us today the power of data with proactive, personalized offerings leading to superior customer experiences and customer growth. Financial institutions are predestined to take advantage of these new technologies. Learn how Vontobel is building up the skill set needed to tackle the challenge.

Christian Bucher

Customer AI Success Stories

During this keynote, Microsoft will show how AI is implemented in their customers projects worldwide. Also, you will have a chance to see how Artificial Intelligence is used in a live demo where Text Analytics, ComputerVision and Facerecognition is used.

Andy Kobelt, Ambros Scope

Tinder for Business – Unlocking workforce potential with AI

Imagine you could find that one candidate (or job) in a million, just at the click of a button and without searching. F ECTIVE is matching people to projects in real-time without any human interaction. Get insights on how F ECTIVE is helping Axa to increase their workforce mobility with a unique matching algorithm

Umberto Michelucci, Ivo Blohm
Helsana, Universität St. Gallen

Re-imagining education: the solution to embracing Artificial Intelligence in our society

One of the biggest challenges in all industries is how to make AI a fundamental part of a company strategy and culture. What are the use cases? How to be successful? How to profit from it? Everyone seems to be struggling in answering those questions. We argue that the most fundamental reason is that the present education system is training the very skills that we need to let go in the future. We need to train fundamental new skills like creativity, critical thinking, research design in a much earlier phase of the curriculum. We need to disrupt the actual education system to make AI integration in all industries common place. Companies need to participate actively in the shaping of the curriculum of tomorrow and cannot rely anymore on the academic world alone.

In this talk we will look at how we need to change education at different levels, to enable companies to profit from AI, and to make it a fundamental component of their strategy and their culture. We will discuss what skills are missing in an AI and data science centered Curriculum today and what we are doing to change all that.

Armando Geller

Social media campaign automation and optimization using AI-driven simulation

trovero is a platform for social media campaign automation and optimization geared at businesses and governments significantly spending on social media. It uses multiagent simulation, an AI and cognition heavy technique. For every campaign, trovero optimizes target audiences across platforms and timing using simulation; tracks campaign performance, and automatically re-optimizes the next campaign with new data to reach KPIs with as little resources as possible. trovero was developed in anticipation of GDPR and the Facebook fallout — a world in which simulation will remain the only way to optimize social media campaigns. In my talk I will explain why this is the case and how trovero works.

Breakout Session

Brendon Chamany, Shailesh Dixit

Leveraging AI to comply with KYC regulations

We will show you how we have used our EKYC solution to solve client’s problems as It provides, enhanced compliance, significant cost savings through drastic effort reduction and better KYC quality for insights and decisions.

In an interactive session we will let you experience our approach to AI projects.

Daniel Gradenegger

THE national Inventory – gets everything delivered within minutes. Absolutely sustainable. The power of AI makes it possible!

Knowing where, when, how, under which conditions, etc. a product is available locally/nationally drastically reduces the kilometers of the desired product to be driven. From central warehouses in the potato fields in the city belts, to locally available products.

Together with you we find the way to absolutely efficient and world-enhancing logistics for all the products you consume.

Help make the world of available products more efficient and improve the associated logistics chain with AI in our workshop. Cities and their inventory form an important pillar of a Smart City. Delivery must be sustainable, now! You don’t need any knowledge of logistics to improve the world, it’s enough to think and participate clearly. The world needs your active cooperation.

René Balzano
Balzano Informatik

Recipes from the field: How to increase probability for your AI project’s success

Diagnosing illnesses for healthcare, detecting quality flaws in manufacturing, predicting retail revenue, measuring audience happiness – during five years of being an AI-dedicated startup, our projects have faced most of the notorious challenges that the inception of cognitive services implies: Data quality and reputation, new-born markets, daring and less daring customers, creative managers and not so creative IT departments, undefined AI-immersing business processes, open legal questions. This session will present experiences and recipes from the field. Bring your favorite AI project and let’s discuss its success factors.

Sibylle Peuker

Building trust – The user experience of AI

Even if you have the best data quality and a great algorithm, it might be of no use if your users don‘t trust your AI.

In an interactive workshop, we will discuss concrete examples of how to built trust with your users by understanding what your users need, setting the right expectations, guiding the user and showing what your system is capable of.

Impressions from past Events

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