Building an “Experience Culture” – Benefits & Risks of AI

We demonstrated the potential of cognitive technologies across diverse sectors from all over the world, and even from Mars.


Presentations, Use Cases, Discussions and Workshops with:

– Thomas Landolt, IBM
– Dirk Michelsen, IBM
– Eunice Zehnder-Lai, IPM
– David Scheffer, IPM
– Gregory Funaro, NASA
– Harald Raetzsch, IoT40 Systems AG
– Alexander Büsser, IBM
– Jamie McLellan, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide
– Eric van den Berg, ABB
– Florian Strittmatter, ABB
– Thomas Schütz, ABB

With a LIVE demo from the NASA around the world to Switzerland.



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Date & Time

8th February 2017 – 1:30PM

Host & Location

IBM Schweiz AG, Zurich


German & English

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