Neuroscientific Foundations in a Nutshell – Brain Crash Course

You will learn in 2 hours about how brain cells (neurons) work, what is known about brain development, neural growth patterns, what a biological and an artificial neural network are, about the difference between brains and computers, about growth cones, synchronizity, spikes, plasticity and the neural basis of learning and memory.

You will get insight into the first cyborg experiments conduced at Northwestern University, IL, USA where living brains were connected to mobile robots in order to feed information directly into brain tissue.

The crash course shall open new horizons to you and further your ability to challenge the current hype about AI.


After the course you will be able to challenge the common understanding on AI, cognition, deep learning and you are able to distinguish noise and marketing from true advances in AI and neuroscience. A particular focus is given to facts and figures and the ability to challenge the status quo of today’s AI hype.

You will be able to explain the state of the art about brain research and the most recent principles on learning, memory and intelligence.

Slides with Agenda

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Date & Time

13th March 2017 – 5PM to 7PM, incl. Apero


Starmind International AG


Daycrunch – 2nd Floor, Hardturmstrasse 185, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland

Group Size

max. 50


Everybody with an attention span not shorter than 45min. No particular background required.




Pascal Kaufmann

Neuroscientist and cyborg expert, MA ETH Neuroscience