Predictive AI can transform businesses by aligning with strategic priorities, leveraging data availability, and ensuring actionable insights for meaningful ROI.


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SwissCognitive_Logo_RGBHave you heard this from an executive in a meeting recently? “We really need to start using AI.”

With new AI innovations revealed every day, the pressure is on for companies to simply “use AI” to keep up and be competitive.

However, implementing AI solutions like predictive analytics without an intentional strategy can be disastrous. Without a thoughtful, ROI-focused approach underlying your AI strategy, your organization will waste resources and watch initiatives wither.

To select the right first steps toward using AI, I suggest applying a framework that assesses both the feasibility and value of potential predictive AI use cases. This approach will help you focus squarely on the places where you can drive measurable value in your highest-priority strategic areas.

There are three critical areas you’ll need to address using this approach. Let’s dive in.

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Your Top Strategic Priorities

One of the most crucial aspects to consider is your company’s top strategic priorities this quarter or next quarter. These are the areas where your decisions and actions can make a significant impact.

You may be aware of some operational inefficiencies that need to be addressed. Perhaps there are key KPIs that support your company-wide strategy and goals. You may be in the loop about strategic initiatives that could have a major impact on business outcomes.

All of these could represent rich opportunities for predictive AI. Gather information about each of them.

The opportunities may all sound intriguing, but there’s a deeper question to answer before proceeding: If you could accurately predict future outcomes using AI, would that capability realistically enable you to execute these priorities better?[…]

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