AI sustainable technologies are driving progress towards the SDGs by enhancing health, climate action, and other global priorities while upholding human rights.


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SwissCognitive_Logo_RGB“Unprecedented advances in digital technology, including generative Artificial Intelligence, offer us previously unimaginable opportunities to move forward on the enjoyment of human rights and contribute to rescuing the 2030 Agenda,” said UN Human Rights Chief Volker Türk in his vision statement,  “Human Rights: A Path for Solutions.”

AI was the main spotlight at the fifth annual AI for Good Global Summit held in Geneva, Switzerland. The Summit is the leading action-oriented UN platform to promote AI to advance health, climate, gender, inclusive prosperity, sustainable infrastructure, and other global development priorities.

“As AI use continues to evolve and impact our daily lives, it’s crucial that we ensure its development benefits everyone,” Türk said on the Summit and how it was a great opportunity to work on policies and governance that prevent AI-induced rights abuses.

The Summit was organized by the International Telecommunication Union, the UN specialized agency for information and communication technology, in partnership with 40 UN agencies, including UN Human Rights, and the Swiss government. The Summit aimed to identify practical applications for AI, scale solutions for global impact and accelerate progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“Our presence at the AI for Good summit is a testament to the importance of embedding human rights considerations into the fabric of technological innovation,” said Peggy Hicks, Director of the Thematic Engagement, Special Procedures and Right to Development Division at UN Human Rights. “We believe that through multistakeholder efforts, we can achieve a balance where the transformative potential of AI is realized in ways that enhance, rather than undermine, human rights.”[…]

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