These top Artificial Intelligence-based software solutions collected by Eweek enable companies of all sizes to gain great competitive advantage with artificial intelligence.


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SwissCognitive_Logo_RGBThe demand for artificial intelligence software (AI) has increased significantly in recent years, and organizations of all sizes are adopting artificial intelligence to stay competitive. During the past couple of years that I’ve spent researching this type of technology, I’ve discovered a range of incredible AI tools, and at what often feels like a moment’s notice, these tools optimize their features and introduce new capabilities to meet the growing needs and demands of users.

I’ve analyzed various artificial intelligence software solutions for different use cases — primarily focusing on business scenarios — to help you determine the best and most relevant AI applications for your needs. This list considers software from AI companies that serve both technical and non-technical teams. Let’s take a look.

Comparison Chart: Top AI Software

The top AI software solutions on the market today cover a broad spectrum of industries and specific use cases. To provide a point of comparison across these categories, we’ve summed up the key characteristics and strengths of each of our top choices in the table below.

Tool Company Best For Key Features & Capabilities
Azure Machine Learning Studio Microsoft Best for Data Scientists & Azure Users
  • Automated machine learning
  • Integration with Azure cloud & products
  • Drag-and-drop designer interface
Databricks Data Intelligence Platform Databricks Best for Collaborative Data Workflow Management
  • Data intelligence engine with semantic understanding
  • AI & data governance
  • Data lakehouse storage & infrastructure
Amazon SageMaker Amazon Best for AI & ML Model Deployment
  • Foundation model building
  • Fully managed infrastructure for AI & ML model lifecycle management
  • Human-in-the-loop & quality management features
DataRobot AI Platform DataRobot Best for Rapid Model Building & Model Lifecycle Management
  • In-platform model building & governance
  • Predictive modeling
  • Modeling data preparation
IBM watsonx IBM Best for AI Governance & Explainability
  • Open, hybrid, governed data store
  • Foundation & fine-tuned AI/ML model-building studio
  • AI assistant for coding, orchestration, & other tasks

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