Companies should consider deploying AI in “voice of the customer” applications, which are simpler to implement and have measurable economic benefits. Generative AI excels in transcription, summarization, and sentiment analysis, enhancing customer interaction.


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SwissCognitive_Logo_RGBMany companies are experimenting with generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) now, both for internal employee productivity objectives as well as customer interaction, but only a few have production deployments. Difficulties with upskilling workers, changing processes, and integrating technology persist, and many companies are caught in a perpetual experimentation loop.

For companies that are still struggling to find the right place to deploy this new tech, we recommend use cases involving “voice of the customer” applications — parsing, interpreting, and responding to customer input from all different channels. They are typically easier to implement than employee productivity use cases because they don’t require as much behavior change. It is also easier to measure improvements in economic value because improving customer satisfaction often has a financial payoff.

It is obviously valuable to stay attuned to what customers are telling you, whether in calls to a customer support call center, emails, social media messages, or even comments to salespeople. Yet historically most organizations have found it difficult to capture, analyze, and respond to this feedback in any systematic way. The content has been too voluminous and unstructured, the review and analysis of it too labor-intensive, and the response too disaggregated and burdensome.

Generative AI can help. Here’s what companies need to know to put it to work.

What GenAI Can Do for Customer Voice

Responding to customers isn’t one task — it’s really a series of tasks that require different skills. First, you have to capture what they’ve said, whether that came via text in an email or as audio over the phone, or some other means.[…]

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