David Shrier is making a number of predictions about AI, some encouraging and some scary. And they’re worth paying attention to, like one about how AI innovation will drive 10 times greater growth for enterprises.


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Shrier, who did a fireside chat with me at an AI event in San Francisco at ServiceNow, is a globally recognized expert on technology-driven innovation. He is a professor of practice in AI & Innovation with Imperial College Business School, and is a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Engineering at MIT.

And his Visionary Future venture studio invests in a portfolio of university-related spinouts spanning cognitive technologies, new financial architectures and sustainability, and is in the process of launching three new AI businesses over the next 90 days. Visionary Future published a report dubbed Artificial Intelligence Leadership Playbook.

David also has worked with over 100 governments on technology policy & regulation, and served on the parliamentary advisory committee for the EU AI Act. He has published eight books in the past eight years. His ninth book, Basic AI: A Human Guide to Artificial Intelligence, will be released by Little Brown and Harvard Business Publishing in January 2024.

David’s latest hack is ChatDave.AI (http://chatdave.ai), an LLM-based model that ingested about 600,000 words of his writing — essentially all of his books — on AI, cyber security, digital identity and blockchain.

In our fireside chat, Shrier started out with a discomforting thought, as he said that the importance of generative AI is “both less than people say it is and more than people realize it is.” While some talk of the elimination of jobs is incendiary (like the British Telecom CEO saying he’ll fire 42% of staff and replace them with AI), Shrier believes generative AI will drive some very real changes in workforce and society.[…]

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