Coaches are leveraging AI to enhance their practices, from wordsmithing core value statements to generating relevant role-play scenarios, and even assisting with research and checking for mistakes.


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Professional coaches are constantly seeking innovative methods to enhance their effectiveness and bring about positive transformations in their clients’ lives. One such cutting-edge approach gaining momentum is the incorporation of artificial intelligence capabilities to facilitate and enhance coaching practices.

By harnessing the power of AI, coaches aim to augment their skills, streamline operations, gain valuable insights and revolutionize the way they engage with clients. Below, 15 Forbes Coaches Council members share the ways they are integrating AI tools into their practices, outlining experiments they have conducted and the intriguing results.

1. Wordsmithing Core Value Statements

Wordsmithing core values with ChatGPT has been exceptionally powerful. We still have to do all the core value development exercises with the client to make the values authentic and impactful; however, polishing core value statements can take weeks, if not months. Now, you can feed keywords and phrases into ChatGPT and walk away with eloquent core values that can be put to immediate use. – Glenn GrantSelfassembled Ventures

2. Prompting Ourselves To Think In New Ways

AI is used in our practice in many ways, including generating reports, summarizing sessions and research and analysis. To get great results, you have to understand that AI is not a finished result—it augments, prompting us to think in new ways and critically evaluate what we believe may be finished results, which pushes us to deliver creative, strategic, comprehensive and effective results. – Nick LeightonExactly Where You Want to Be

3. Rewriting Emails To Add Tone And Context

AI has saved me about five hours a week with this one simple hack: I write an email and copy and paste it into Chat GPT. Then I ask it to rewrite the email in a specific tone with a particular word count. The results are phenomenal! I love the context it’s producing, saving me the cost of a copywriter and the time it takes to hire a freelancer. – Michelle RockwoodUnscripted Sales

4. Generating Relevant Role-Play Scenarios

One way AI has helped me in my coaching practice is by generating relevant role-play scenarios. If I have a client who needs to work on setting clearer expectations, I have ChatGPT make a list of five vague expectations a leader can set with someone on their team. I then have it regenerate the same list setting clear expectations. It saves time and provides a great starting point for discussion. – Justin PattonThe Trust Architect Group[…]

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