Midjourney 5.1 has been released, bringing another significant improvement in the quality of results from the generative AI art service.


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The company claims that version 5.1 of the engine is “more opinionated”, bringing it closer to the kind of results that you would get with version 4 of Midjourney, but at a higher quality. There’s also a “raw” mode, for those who don’t want images that are as strongly opinionated.
Other claimed improvements include greater accuracy, fewer unwanted borders or text artifacts in images, and improved sharpness.

Testing Midjourney 5.1

I put the new version to the test by using the same prompts in version 5 and version 5.1 and comparing the results. All other settings were left the same, with Midjourney set to base quality and medium style.

In all the images below, the four images on the left are Midjourney 5 and the four images on the right are version 5.1.

Here the prompt was “woman walking down a cobbled street into the sunset”:

Midjourney5.1_2Version 5 (left) vs 5.1 (right) – BARRY COLLINS

There’s been a persistent problem with over-aggressive, artificial-looking lens flare in Midjourney 5, so it’s good to see that being addressed with version 5.1. The sunset in the version 5.1 images looks more natural, with warmer, more interesting skies.

The second prompt I used was “explosion in a paint factory, vector art”:

Version 5 (left) vs 5.1 (right) – BARRY COLLINS


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