As generative AI continues to advance, it has the potential to redefine the way businesses operate. Although, with these opportunities come significant challenges, including concerns over user well-being, accessibility, and responsible implementation. Our virtual conference yesterday (28.03.2023) brought together experts and enthusiasts from around the world to discuss how this technology can change the face of business performance.


“Redefining Business Performance with Generative AI – Virtual Conference Wrap-up”


The conference provided a thorough exploration of generative AI’s immense potential, as well as its limitations and concerns surrounding user well-being, accessibility, misinformation prevention, and job loss. From developing responsible AI to exploring captivating real-world applications, attendees discussed ways in which we could shape generative AI for generations to come. Let us now summarize the topics discussed during this engaging event while exploring how businesses are redefining their approach towards implementing new technologies such as generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Redefining Business Performance with Generative AI - Virtual Conference Wrap-up 1
Dalith Steiger, Co-Founder of SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network

We have heard how generative AI offers immense opportunities while posing significant challenges. One concern is user well-being, particularly for young people who may struggle to distinguish between real-life and AI-generated content.

Redefining Business Performance with Generative AI - Virtual Conference Wrap-up 2
“Generative AI: Our world, our reality” interview with Neha Shukla, Intern for Aerospace Engineering, NASA, Chair and US Representative, WEF’s Generation AI Council and Dalith SteigerCo-Founder of SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network

Another is AI’s current limitations in reasoning and problems with hallucinated data. Both need to be resolved to prevent misinformation and confusion.

Redefining Business Performance with Generative AI - Virtual Conference Wrap-up 3
“How can we handle this? Unhyping the Generative AI scene in business. ” panel discussion: Jarrod Anderson, ADM, Senior Director, Artificial Intelligence – Digital & Innovation | Reema Diab, Galaxy Organization For Technology, CEO, AI expert, Futurist | Senior Consultant for Tesla, INGO’s, World Bank | Semih Kumluk, Digital Academy Senior Manager, PwC, Head of Digital Business Transformation Programs (Middle East Region) | Patrick Bangert, VP Strategic Business, Samsung SDS | Board Chair, algorithmica technologies | Deedy Das, Glean, Founding Engineer, Search & Intelligence

Another key topic was ensuring that generative AI technology is accessible. It should be available to users with minimal technological expertise, limited internet access, and low-cost devices in order to foster equal opportunities and prevent digital divides.
Developing responsible AI also includes using inclusive datasets, assembling diverse teams, implementing design justice, and moderating AI models.

Redefining Business Performance with Generative AI - Virtual Conference Wrap-up 4
“Generative AI: Flying above and beyond” use-case with Romaric Redon, Head Advisor on Artificial Intelligence Technologies, Airbus

There is understandable fear of job loss. However, this shift in the job market will not necessarily result in disappearing tasks. Rather, it will change the way we work and create new opportunities for individuals to enhance their abilities. Ultimately, this transformation in the job market can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying work experience.

Redefining Business Performance with Generative AI - Virtual Conference Wrap-up 5
“Generative AI: What lies behind and how it propels businesses.” panel discussion: Jacques Ludik, Founder & CEO, Cortex Logic & Cortex Group, Founder & President, Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa | Noelle Silver Russel, Global AI Solutions Lead, Generative AI and LLM Industry Lead, Accenture, Chief AI Strategist, AI Leadership Institute | Andreas Welsch, Chief AI Strategist, Intelligence Briefing, VP & Head of Marketing & Solution Management, AI, SAP | Jair Riberio, Analytics & Insights Leader, Volvo Group, EMEA AI Strategist, Kimberly-Clark / Program Manager, IBM Watson | Uri Eliabayev, Founder, Machine & Deep Learning Israel, AI Consultant

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We’ve also come across fascinating applications of generative AI, such as Airbus employing AI for enhancing satellite image resolution and detecting anomalies. And Signapse, which use generative AI to support deaf people by creating live, photo-realistic sign language.

Redefining Business Performance with Generative AI - Virtual Conference Wrap-up 6
“Generative AI: Opening new worlds” use-case with Ben Saunders, Generative AI Founder | Co-Founder & CTO, Signapse

Eventually, we delved into the current challenges and solutions in various domains, the importance of leadership collaboration, and the responsible use of generative AI, while also exploring how the collaboration between BCG and OpenAI could foster the business world.

Redefining Business Performance with Generative AI - Virtual Conference Wrap-up 7
“So where is the catch? Challenges and Solutions.” panel discussion: Andrea Iorio, Podcast Host, NVIDIA, Founder, Keynote Speaker & Podcaster, AIK, Andrea Iorio Keynotes | Daniela Rittmeier, Head of Data & AI Center of Excellence, Capgemini | Ori Goshen, Co-Founder and Co-CEO AI21 Labs | Dimitris Kalogeropoulos, Chief Executive, Global Health & Digital Innovation Foundation, Advisory Committee Member, Telehealth Solutions Virtual Pitch Competition, IEEE SA | Sean McClain, Founder and CEO, Absci

Overall we have seen that by embracing responsible development and accessibility of generative AI technology, we will be able to harness its immense opportunities and address its challenges.

Redefining Business Performance with Generative AI - Virtual Conference Wrap-up 8

If you missed our AI Trajectory virtual conference, here you can find the video recording: