Learn about the growing prevalence of Generative AI in today’s society and how experts are exploring its potential. Today’s AI Radar, we gathered some of our cross-industry AI experts’ articles who will share their personal insights and hands-on experiences on our upcoming “Redefining Business Performance with Generative AI” virtual event.


“Preparing for the Future of Generative AI in Business: Industry Experts’ Insights – SwissCognitive AI Radar”


Since the burgeoning Generative AI hype, the terms “ChatGPT” and “Generative AI” are the most commonly used phrases in the news and in social media.

Many believe that this is a passing trend that is quickly fading or that the attention it is receiving is overrated.

However, the growing number of publications backed up by experts does not show that it is just another one-off buzzphrase. Every day, more and more giant companies are announcing that they are incorporating Generative AI into their daily lives.

Google Bard was just released yesterday, Microsoft announced Copilot last week, and Adobe has just released their own AI image generator, “Firefly”, as well.

While this news is all just from the last few days, several corporations like Coca-Cola, BCG, Snapchat, AWS and Hugging Face and much more have previously announced similar initiatives.

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In this AI Radar edition, we’ve assembled a selection of articles from our artificial intelligence experts. These thought leaders share their valuable insights, experiences and forecasts while also highlighting the doubts surrounding generative AI.

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