“Generative AI offers opportunities we don’t even know exist.” – Andreas Welsch, SAP, internationally recognized AI leader in the software industry with over 21 years of experience.


“Redefining Business Performance with Generative AI – Andreas Welsch – SwissCognitive AI Radar Perspective”


In this week’s SwissCognitive AI Radar, we provide you with Andreas Welsch’s best studies where he explores the cutting-edge technology of generative AI and the potential it holds for businesses. Learn about the risks and benefits of incorporating this technology, and discover how to use it in low-risk scenarios to support individuals with pre-existing knowledge.

As generative AI continues to evolve, AI leaders must prepare their teams to understand and use prompt engineering. With clear instructions, AI systems can generate desired outputs, such as text or images, at a faster rate. Andreas delves into the importance of experimentation, safe usage, and hands-on opportunities to support the evolution of prompt engineering.

But, there’s a darker side to the AI hype. The dependence of AI on humans for accuracy means that human labor is required to label, annotate, or review data. This “human in the loop” model has a significant impact on the mental health of those tasked with reviewing content. Read more about this issue and the potential solutions.

Join Andreas Welsch in our AI Radar to discover the potential of generative AI and how to manage the risks and ethical considerations associated with it.

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Andreas will be speaking at the SwissCognitive World-Leading AI Network AI Conference focused on Redefining Business Performance with Generative AI on 28th March.

Redefining Business Performance with Generative AI - Andreas Welsch - SwissCognitive AI Radar