Seizing the opportunity: the future of AI in Latin America is a report written by Economist Impact and supported by Google. The report’s findings are based on a program of in-depth interviews with experts alongside desk research.


Copyright: Economist Impact – “Seizing the Opportunity: the Future of AI in Latin America”


This report examines the developments in AI in Latin America, with a focus on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. It looks at AI investment, trends within the region’s industries, as well as policies and challenges. It further explores how AI is impacting the privacy landscape in the region and identifies potential opportunities for businesses, governments and individuals to better understand their roles in safeguarding data.

The proliferation of national strategies highlights the importance of AI to LATAM’s socioeconomic transformation, while policy continuity has been seen to benefit some countries more than others. The debate surrounding the ethical implications of artificial intelligence is still ongoing, and it is important that adequate measures are in place to ensure user privacy when using AI technology. It has become clear that policymakers must strike a balance between driving economic growth through innovation, while also safeguarding citizens’ information from malicious activity.

Investment into tech startups has increased significantly due to its underinvestment historically prior to Covid-19’s shift online, prompting nations “to catch up”.

Major sectors such as Healthtech & Agtech are forecast for growth but remain underinvested compared with Fintech businesses which have proved most attractive due to strong consumer demand.

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Key policy issues include the digital infrastructure divide & cultivating local talent; multinational companies have sought regional hubs, but telecom services are still needed along w/ addressing skilled individual drain elsewhere.

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