What do technology and AI experts and thought leaders think about leveraging and shaping the AI trajectory? We asked Avrohom Gottheil, founder of #AskTheCEO Media.


SwissCognitive Guest Blogger: Avrohom Gottheil, Tech Influencer Founder and CEO of #AskTheCEO Media – “What does shaping the AI Trajectory in 2023 mean to you? – AI Trajectory 2023+”


The topic I love talking about all the time is about leveraging technology to make people’s lives better. For example, smart cities can be built to incorporate time-saving technologies, such as letting people know, on a simple level and micro level, how long the wait is at the bus stop, or if there will even be any seats on the bus. On a more complex and macro level, the traffic grid will interconnect with electric vehicles to plot the most efficient route between home and office, for example, taking into account real-time traffic, NOT just where traffic is right now, but also taking into account the trajectories of all the moving vehicles on the road, as well as the timing of street lights, weather, and similar variables.

In addition, smart parking garages will also integrate into the smart-city grid to give you a window of time for leaving your home to when you can arrive at the garage unimpeded by other motorists looking for a parking spot at the same time.

We can take these scenarios so much deeper, such as knowing how long the walk will take to the office, how long the elevator queue will be, and also taking into account a stop at the restroom on the 3rd floor.

These applications, besides having a major positive effect on personal comfort, they will also have an economic impact, as well as an impact on the climate at large, because less time spent travelling will mean less pollution. Less time idling means more time for productivity.

So, when I think about shaping the AI trajectory for the future, I look at how technology can be not only ecologically friendly but also, how it can double up and be helpful for our own personal ecology – which is our health and wellbeing.

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About the Author

Avrohom Gottheil is the founder of #AskTheCEO Media, where he helps global brands get heard over the noise on social media by presenting their corporate message using language people understand.

Avrohom presents his clients as Thought Leaders, which challenges his audience to reimagine their own mission and vision, delivering actionable insights, and leaving them passionate, motivated, and with the necessary tools to take immediate action.

Avrohom comes from a 20+ year career in IT and Telecom, where he helped businesses around the world install and maintain their communication systems and contact centers. He is a Top-ranked global expert in IoT, AI, Cloud, and Cybersecurity, followed worldwide on Twitter, and a frequent speaker on leveraging technology to accelerate revenue growth.

Listen to him share the latest technology trends, tools, and best practices for IoT, AI, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and more, on the #AskTheCEO podcast — voted as the #1 Channel Friendly Podcast 2019 by Forrester.

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