What is the Decentralized Sustainable Employment Ecosystem (DSEE), and how could it serve us?


SwissCognitive Guest Blogger:  Utpal Chakraborty, Chief Digital Officer, Allied Digital Services Ltd., AI & Quantum Scientist – “Decentralized Sustainable Employment Ecosystem (DSEE)”


Many countries across the globe have been successful in building infrastructure, enhancing defence capabilities, expanding education, promoting technology & rapid digitization, and in many other avenues. But most governments across the globe have failed to tackle the growing unemployment over the last few decades. Unemployment is the biggest challenge for the entire world today and has a direct adverse impact on the economy and social setup of a nation as well as humankind at large.

The conventional approach to generating employment has already failed miserably, and all such missions have had very little or no outcome. Governments across the globe have invested huge funds for producing jobs that came out to be drastic flops. Even turning the coin to a traditional entrepreneurial model, like encouraging a start-up ecosystem has very little contribution to the larger issue. These clearly indicate that we are approaching the problem in the wrong direction.

Decentralized Sustainable Employment Ecosystem (DSEE) is going to be the Future of the Employment Generation.

The pandemic has already proved that many of the job functions are evolving into self-managed, decentralized, entrepreneurial, community-supported models wherein people are more comfortable with freelancing (not exactly freelancing but I am using an analogy) kind of a flexible model rather than a conventional nine-to-six office going, fixed-salary employment model. Increasingly, enterprises are also comfortable getting the work done cheaper from some expert hailing from a trusted tech community rather than hiring full-time employees for short-term & need-based projects.

This transformation in the employment ecosystem is a positive sign that can solve the unemployment problem to a great extent. The only components required are to support this new evolving model with an ecosystem empowered by strong platform(s) & communities and endorsement from Governments and Enterprises. On the one hand, a DSEE can serve the purpose of skilling or up-skilling professionals and prepare them to take up matching assignments; on the other hand, it can facilitate enterprises to offer a range of assignments that requires specific skills and expertise.

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On a broader level, there are two major aspects of the concept -DSEE, the core philosophy behind it, and the technical architecture to support such an ecosystem. The core philosophy may sound a bit similar to a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), but in reality, it’s beyond a DAO, and there are other elements that make it sustainable. Again, sustainability is another core component of a DSEE. The technical architecture and the technology stack of DSEE are somewhat similar to a Web3 DAO, but there are some fundamental dissimilarities when it comes to DSEE. We will discuss more on this in Part II of the article. Of course, DSEE brings the flavour of decentralization and transparency with powerful Blockchain as its backbone, AI for intelligence, web3 for implementing the decentralization and strong community guidelines & security.

Industry and academic collaboration in the DSEE are also essential. On the one hand, academia supplies the talent, and on the other hand, the industry generates projects & assignments. Academia also plays an important role in many R&D-related initiatives and utilizes those in industry-specific use cases.

This kind of a platform (DSEE) can act as a national platform for employment generation if nurtured well and endorsed by the Government by encouraging talents & syndicates to join as independent entrepreneurs, and enterprises to support such ecosystems by offloading their work to be accomplished to the DSEE platform. A decentralized ecosystem like DSEE is both employee & employer-friendly, which can boost the economy in contrary to the traditional centralized ecosystem that introduces disparity in the work and employment balance.

Support and Endorsement from the Government are essential for such an ecosystem to flourish. It’s a big employment culture change, and only Government support can democratize such concepts & ideas. Government can encourage such initiatives by offering various benefits and bringing policies to support such noble initiatives for the betterment of the country and its citizens.