Artificial Intelligence refers to a machine’s capability to think and act like a human. This widely spread branch of computer science dominates every field of our lives. Now it has targeted the manufacturing and business industry by becoming a reliable marketing source.


SwissCognitive Guest Blogger: Eiswan Ali Kazmi – “How AI Content Writing Tools Will Impact Your Marketing in 2022”


Businesses adopting Artificial Intelligence for marketing have grown faster over the past five years. And the numbers are expected to grow even further as Artificial Intelligence and NLP play a role through AI writing tools in content marketing and advertising.

Even though this technology has grown drastically, many businesses are still unfamiliar with its advantages and usage. In this article, we will share how AI content writing tools will impact marketing in 2022.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a field of computer science that was invented back in the late 20th century. The idea behind this technology is to make computer systems capable of performing a humanly based task with the help of automation.

Ideally, this field progresses based on large data sets fed to the computer systems to solve problems. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence is widespread in its subbranches like Machine Learning and Deep Learning. These algorithms are used to develop expert systems and help give predictions and classifications based on the data provided to the system.

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Impact of AI Tools on Marketing

Technology has variably improved to make our lives more convenient, and now this innovation can be seen under the influence of Artificial Intelligence. With the help of NLP technology, various online tools and applications have become effective options. The following reasons are stated below to reveal how AI writing tools will impact the marketing field.

Creating Unique Content

One of the most significant impacts of Artificial Intelligence is content creation. The AI and NLP-based computer systems would help to create unique and error-free content as AI has given rise to content intelligence.

The AI-based content writing tools provide data-driven insights and feedback to content writers. It means that by providing continuous feedback, marketers would be able to enhance their content and achieve greater success in their business approach.

Examples can be taken as the online rewriting tools with which marketers would be able to rephrase online their old marketing content to make a fresh copy. Such online tools can be used on a broader scope, assisting content creation in the following ways.

  • You can write data-driven blog posts.
  • Write plagiarism-free content.
  • Improved readability in various writing tones.

Personalized Advertisements

The most noticeable use of AI technology is knowing what the users are looking to buy online. It means that Artificial Intelligence can help to uncover trending products and customer demands to enhance their advertising. With the help of AI-based tools, you can generate better material for copywriting and content marketing.

For example, AI can help to write headlines, create advertisement content, and give push notifications by using the marketing tone preferred by customers. Even more preferably, Artificial Intelligence-based tools can help you change the parts of advertisement to personalize it for a particular audience. Following are the use cases of Artificial Intelligence for improving promotions.

  • You can feature headlines, descriptions, titles, and informative blogs.
  • Writing tools can allow you to write advertisement captions.

SEO Optimized Content

The ultimate goal of every marketer is to promote their online business in the top spots of search engine result pages. For this purpose, content marketers are focused on writing plagiarism-free content as it gives an edge to get ahead in the competition.

The famous search engine, Google has officially stated plagiarism-free content as a ranking factor. To fulfil this requirement, AI-based paraphrasing tools can be of significant use. These tools can ensure you deliver unique and error-free content which ranks well against the defined keywords in the content.

With AI-based writing tools, you can get up to 100% unique results, which gives a huge advantage to your online business compared to the competitors. AI writing tools can help you to write SEO-optimized content in the following ways.

  • Write meta titles and meta descriptions.
  • Write content free of grammatical errors and plagiarism.
  • Long-tail and short-tail keywords adjustment.

Product Recommendations

The broadest use of Artificial Intelligence is observed in product preferences and recommendations in the marketing field. Users are often looking for a specific type of product. But they are unable to elaborate on what they are precisely looking for. In this case, the ability of Artificial Intelligence can help focus on specific keywords for recommending products related to your searched terms.

AI writing tools can be used to write content for product reviews, blogs, and descriptions, allowing search engine algorithms to find specific products online. AI-based writing tools can write SEO-optimized content to help you achieve better recognition in online marketplaces.

  • AI tools can assist in writing content in multiple languages.
  • You can write content in various tones, such as formal or creative.
  • AI tools help to craft and improve content quality based on the type of targeted audience.

Well-Optimized Email Marketing

Email marketing is the ultimate key to landing the sales pitch directly to your customers. By following a promotional strategy through email, you can present offers, discounts, and new products to your customer. Now you have to remain precise and to the point regarding email marketing, which is much more different than blog writing.

With the help of AI writing tools, you can follow a better approach to your audience by writing content they would love to read. You can write subject lines which compel the audience to open the emails.

Another major challenge email marketers face is the spam box of customers’ emails. Most of the time, emails sent by an online business land in the spam box as it seems too promotional or plagiarized. Therefore, AI-based rewriting tools can be the perfect remedy for this challenge. With the help of these tools, you can write content that lands right in the primary box of your customer’s mail.

AI Content Writing Tools

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is heavily based on captions and graphical content. You have to write headlines and captions that can grab your audience’s attention. Moreover, you may have to send direct messages to your audience to provide customer support. These factors can be covered with the help of AI-based writing tools.

Since social media is more of an informal platform, you may want to maintain fluency and creativity simultaneously. In this regard, AI-based rephrasing tools can significantly use as they provide multiple options to rewrite/rephrase the content. Online marketers can take the following advantages from AI writing tools.

  • Social media post captions and descriptions.
  • Help to write an attractive profile about/info/bio.
  • Catchy headlines for infographics.


Artificial Intelligence has automated numerous tasks for us, from smartphones held in our hands to desktop computers. The technology has become an essential part of the marketing department as well.

This article featured some of AI writing tools’ most practical yet productive applications. Based on these tools, we can get an idea of how AI can drastically impact the marketing field in 2022.


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