Creating content is a long and laborious process. But today’s rhythm of life requires writers to perform tasks much faster. So you can stay up all night or use AI writing assistants, which will make your work much more manageable. Anyway, the choice is yours.


SwissCognitive Guest Blogger: Frank Hamilton – “Top 4 AI Writing Assistants For Improved Text Creation”


Benefits to Businesses

Every online business needs a good copywriter. Ads, landing pages, product descriptions: many types of texts regularly sell, attract new customers, tell brand stories, and inform the audience. Unfortunately, creating quality content takes time and requires a monetary investment. According to research, 73% of companies hire professionals to implement a content strategy.

And according to Freelancing Hacks, the services of freelance copywriters cost about $250 per hour, which means ordering articles is not a cheap treat. Fortunately, there is a way out of this situation. Many programs based on artificial intelligence technology will save you the trouble of hiring a remote writer and help your marketers be more productive.

Have you Heard of AI Copywriting

AI copywriting is the process of creating text using artificial intelligence. The program’s essence, based on AI, is that its algorithms can generate thousands of descriptions in a few seconds and compose unique texts in a particular style. You have an outstanding possibility to specify tasks, parameters, desired format, and type of text. Also, AI programs are more productive than professional writers. But on the other hand, you shouldn’t forget that no matter how intelligent the service is, it won’t work without the source material.

And this material is what writers should supply. The author forms the main idea of the text, its structure, the opinion of experts, the call to action, and the stylistics. Artificial intelligence acts only as a quick assistant, which helps with the creation of text. That’s why you’ll need Top Writing Reviews to find top professionals who create high-quality content for you or if you’re a copywriter, a reliable assistant who improves your texts.

Pros of Using AI in Writing

AI writing assistants will be an absolute godsend for large orders for rewriting, adding uniqueness, quickly shortening text, and posting it on social networks. Of course, you can do all this manually, but special services don’t waste your precious time, so you can begin to perform other tasks much faster. A decisive proof of AI’s effectiveness is that even researchers use AI writing tools when writing their manuscripts. So catch more of their benefits in the table below.

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  • Time Savings. These programs can analyze data much faster than humans. Plus, machines work 24/7 without weekends. Some AI-powered platforms can collect statistics and create ideas on given topics, so you have the opportunity to devote your free time to more complex work tasks.
  • Convenience. AI copywriting is indispensable for creating many similar texts with product descriptions. In addition, AI optimization tools make it easy to prepare content for SEO with keywords.
  • Say goodbye to the blank page. You probably have writer’s block when you have no ideas for text. AI programs, in this case, turn out to be real salvation and help you generate plenty of sentences quickly.

Best AI Tools for Text Creation

The right AI writing tools allow you to create compelling content to help you grow your business. And it doesn’t take many hours of painstaking work. So below, you’ll find the best options you can apply today. When choosing a program, focus on your tasks and your business specifics. But if you want to expand this list, use the Rated by Students review writing service, where you can find a qualified specialist who provides you with all the information you need on this topic.

  1. Frase
    This platform allows you to analyze, create and optimize content for SEO promotion. The program helps to make an intelligent plan on a given topic, so you don’t have to monitor an endless number of sites to gather information. Frase provides a selection of similar materials, statistics, interesting facts, news, and other data helpful in writing text. In addition, you can specify style, tone of voice, SEO recommendations, and other parameters.
  2. CopyAI
    The platform has many features and algorithms to help you with numerous tasks: generating topics for brainstorming, making unique rewritten articles, creating messages for targeted ads for a particular target audience, and much more. The platform will be a godsend when you don’t know where to start with the text. It is convenient and easy to use: you should enter a few words to start, and that’s all. So you can set the timer on your content creation.
  3. Writesonic
    This program dramatically speeds up the process of creating ads, blog articles, and product descriptions and makes it easier to generate ideas for texts. You’ll definitely like this tool if you want to automate your routine tasks of writing newsletters and SEO materials. A great feature in Writesonic is the landing page generator. Enter a few keywords, and the program will instantly create optimized text for your request.
  4. Copysmith
    Copysmith will be a real lifesaver for you if you work in e-commerce. Unlike Writesonic, this tool is designed exclusively for product descriptions and marketing content. Want your sales conversion rate to skyrocket? Then Copysmith is the best choice because it will help you write the most attractive product descriptions and sales copy that will interest your target audience in minutes.


Perhaps in the future, with the development of AI services, the writer’s profession will be slightly rethought. For example, specialists will devote more time to selecting sources, composing a structure, writing a plan, and stylistics, and then feed that input data to a service that will create high-quality text.

At the same time, copywriters will have no less work to do because the research sometimes takes more time than writing a text. And the main point we want to make here is that AI is a great addition that facilitates the work of specialists but doesn’t replace the specialists themselves.


About the Author:

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