The cost of living crisis is forcing households to spend an extra £40 per month on food alone – a bill which is even higher for those trying to eat clean and healthy meals. But this new AI-driven nutrition platform may be able to improve shoppers’ experiences during more difficult times…


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Shoppers who are faced with rising prices and may be less able to afford healthier options could benefit from artificial intelligence to help them make choices, it has been suggested.

Spoon Guru, is using AI and industry-certified nutrition experts to categorise thousands of products – and is working with retailers to surface this information to customers – empowering shoppers to find healthier and dietary-friendly food choices online and in-store.

AI & the cost of living crisis

With the cost of living crisis of this year, the food retail sector has been rocked by the fastest increase in food prices since the recession of 2008.

Households are now spending on average an extra £10.25 on their food shop per week, according to data from research firm Kantar.

Earlier this summer, Morrisons, one of the Big Four food retailers, announced they expect inflation to hit their core earnings for the remainder of the year. In August, customer confidence levels dropped to a record low, according to the GFK Consumer Confidence indicator.

AI for shoppers and retailers

New data from Spoon Guru reveals that increasing the range and availability of healthier food choices could maximise customer value, improve basket health and bolster the retailer’s bottom line.[…]

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