How to use intelligent automation to reduce IT costs? Find out the exact process in a detailed client case study, provided by IAC.


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The IAC Team: They are recognized as global experts and pioneers in the field of intelligent automation. One of the team wrote ‘the’ reference guide for the intelligence automation industry.
At AIC they operate a “Safe pair of hands“ global delivery model with a centre in Southeast Asia (Philippines), Central Asia (India), and Eastern Europe (Slovakia)

The Client:

The client is a leading Fortune 2000 workspace provider. They deliver coworking solutions to more than 2 million people, from more than 3 thousand locations across 6 continents, and have been in the workplace business since 1989. The client’s unrivalled footprint, and unique customer proposition, continue to drive their growth and enable the creation of an entire ecosystem that supports businesses on a local and global level.

The Opportunity

The client operates a distributed IT system and leverages a 3rd party IT vendor. The IT vendor manages the support of all network devices, data centres, technological infrastructure, and workplace IT solutions. The client compensates the 3rd party vendor for the number of support tickets created, devices supported, transaction count, and T&M for special projects. The business effort required in operating a distributed IT model, with a massive footprint of customers using workplace services, and the client’s 10,000+ global employees demands a hefty operating cost paid to the 3rd party IT vendor.

The Risks

The client is risk-averse to any technological integration or changes due to the sensitivity of
the distributed IT model, the scale at which it operates and the cost it would take to deliver an
optimization program. Suffice to say that the client is not
comfortable getting into agreements with another company that might lock them into a costly
contract. IAC laid out a win-win framework that established a clear pathway for success with zero risk to the client.

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IAC zero-risk and outcome-based approach

One of the primary challenges for the client is down to the fact that their data is highly unstructured and multilingual. That complexity presents a major roadblock when accurately identifying any potential business impact.

To build a compelling business case, IAC executed a world-class discovery methodology utilizing a variety of emerging technologies.

First, their data science team ran a detailed program to clean and transform the client’s data to make it more manageable and liquid.

They then utilized in-house machine learning clustering and text mining techniques to successfully structure the data.

The data transformation led them to accurately identify large automation opportunities and highlighted key automation use cases that could be leveraged and implemented.

IAC confidently built a 30% cost reduction business case proposal and got into a gain share agreement with the client that stipulated no financial commitment on their end until outcomes aligned to the business case materialized.[…]

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