AI is not only in fiction stories anymore. There are different types of AI systems that we encounter in our life on a daily basis.


SwissCognitive Guest Blogger: Prashant Pujara, Founder and CEO, MultiQoS Technologies – “How Artificial Intelligence in the App Industry is Changing the Future”


Even if you are a customer or business organization, the machines improve the intelligence of the humans. Mobile app segment is continuously developing. After pandemic, it has become the bread and butter of many companies. For users, it has become need to reach to maximum things through mobile application. Due to AI, it is changing in a fast pace and the consumers get the best use of the apps to meet the daily needs.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

It is a system which imitates the intelligence and the behavior so to work and even act like human. It happens due to some of the algorithm. It is like virtual assistant but with no human intervention. AI offers predictive messaging, voice recognition and learning and planning capabilities which will help to understand the language. It has incredible skill of problem solving. Not only for business organizations but even for customers they work magical. It brings the best solution that can help your business to flourish and even build a strong customer relationship.

Benefits of AI

  • It offers the best return of investment where the marketers will get the essential feedback from the customers. In digital marketing for all kinds of business, it ensures that the return is two-way always. Both organization and customer but get the return that they deserve to survive in the competitive market.
  • It even helps in developing the customer relationship. It is no way possible for an organization to connect with each problem of customer personally. In that case, AI is a big problem solver. Whenever the user reach to customer service on the app, AI is enabled in such a way that it offers incredible help and give solutions to the customers. Thereby, it develops a good relationship with the brand.
  • AI helps the company to take fast decision on any strategies. It ensures that the company can get the real-time access of the situation and hence AI offers qualitative decision for the customers as well as for the business. It is an effective way to connect with the process and gain success in the field.
  • Market measurement plays an important role in the business. AI helps to offer the best market measurement where the company knows about the risks and the benefits over an issue.

Here are the following ways through which AI is supporting the mobile app industry:

Internet of Things (IoT)

There are many devices that are in connection with the internet. If not mobile devices, the internet connects with fitness tracker, watch, kitchen appliances, car and TV. The devices usually collect all the data on the user activity and then offer powerful insight. Both AI and IoT will work together, so that the customers get the best experience. With the help of digital assistance, the developer can create incredible app which will easily connect with TV. AI is connected with sensors in the broad prospects and it will offer location-based experience. AI is popular in the process of app development and therefore useful in building the best app.

Automation development

The development of app needs a great skill. In the development process, there are many tasks that one needs to develop and it eats up many times. but with the help of AI, development team will easily save the time and even the money which will automate these tasks. AI also offers consistency at work and always there to eliminate all types of errors. All the tasks are simple but doing them repetitive can lead to many mistakes. While if AI perform this task, then one can easily remove these mistakes.

AI chatbots

When you open any website, you will see that there is a chatbox below the website. If you click on the chatbox and enter your details, then the AI will detect your pattern and requirement and respond to you accordingly. If the problem you are facing has solution, then AI will resolve the problem then and there. You do not have to connect with any human to solve the issue. They are better in giving sales support and customer service that you can imagine.

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Understand user

Picking up the clues from the users, AI understands what the users want and ensure that they get exactly the same thing. It analyzes the action and behavior of the user and then give best suggestions and suggestions accordingly. Somehow, they get into the skin of the users’ behavioral pattern and understand the need of the users.

Personalization service

Every customer need is different from one another. Therefore, personalization is the effective tool that will offer the customer satisfaction and that will boost the sales. The modern AI service will take the developers to the next level and offers the best personalization services. AI recognizes the pattern of the consumer shopping, taste and preference. Accordingly, it will suggest the same interests and preferences so that customers indulge in the same things and make a decision of the choice.

Mobile App Industries that use AI to change the future

Healthcare App- Now healthcare services are in the easy reach of the customers. You can sit in your home and get the tests done or get the reports in your mail. With the help of AI, the medical facilities now collect, store and manage all the patient’s data easily. As per the medical condition that you in store with the app, the AI comes up with treatment plan and service packages of the same.

Automotive App-in the automotive industry, all the brands are coming up with latest vehicles where AI supports your driving experience. While driving, you can use the AI feature to get direction, listen to music, listen to any podcasts. Driverless cars give you next level experience where you can understand the real requirement of the AI. It is a great experience for you.

Finance App- in the banking sector, AI is managing the customers to save money, invest properly so that their money grows. It gives them a proper guidance so that they can track their expenditure and manages everything on points. It ensures that finance sector helps the customers sitting in their home and solving all the money related issues.

Law App- legal question are many and attorneys do not have time to answer all the question in person. In that situation, welcome the AI who is enabled to answer all the legal questions to the clients so they get an insightful of all the legal questions.


Overall, AI has its own challenges but still it makes a remarkable change in the app industry. More and more app owners in various sectors are using this medium to stay connected with trend and customers as well. It ensures that they can develop a good relationship with customers through their behavioral pattern in the matter of shopping and other experience. In this technology enhanced market, AI is nothing but a blessing for both customers and the business organization to establish a steady relationship in the future.


About the Author:

Prashant Pujara is the Founder and CEO of MultiQoS Technologies, a leading web and mobile app development company. He is distinguished by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain, as he has 5+ years of expertise assisting Startups that are now worldwide leaders with creative solutions. He’s known for his foresight and flexibility to changing technology and trends, and he’s driven to making IT simple, accessible, and approachable for businesses in every way.