AI’s best day-to-day uses in business


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The subject of AI has long been on the lips of business leaders. But rather than simply being a subject of aspirational keynotes, it has moved from theory to practice in businesses.

It’s high time. The exponential boom in data means businesses have a huge opportunity on their hands to gain real-time, tailored insights to enhance business agility. However, they also risk being swamped by data if they don’t embrace intelligent tech soon.

Witnessing the value of AI to business is a key step towards revolutionizing the way you work. To help, I’ve gathered up some of my favorite ways AI is being used in today’s businesses:

Pattern detection is optimizing our workloads

Data is now widely viewed as the most valuable commodity, serving as a powerful tool to drive productivity and connected experiences. With the increased uptake of digital services over the last couple of years, businesses have likely accrued huge amounts of customers and employee data. For businesses chasing productivity gains and looking to revive growth following the pandemic, unlocking the full potential of the data they hold is more important than ever. That’s why we’re expecting to see business leaders investing heavily in intelligent software that detects patterns in their data and gleans valuable business insights, that helps them to see around corners.

Take HR for example: smart HR software using AI technologies will crawl existing data on staff tasks, timesheets, and workloads, before predicting the amount of time it will take to complete a certain assignment. Through this, business leaders will be able to optimize their staff’s workloads by remotely managing their time and matching different employees to the tasks best suited to them. The software will also track data on sick days, holiday requests and shift scheduling, supporting managers to balance staff leave and wellbeing whilst maximizing productivity.

AI in finance and accounting software will detect patterns in cash flow too, identifying anomalies and helping businesses to make important strategic decisions, such as where to increase investment and how to save across the business elsewhere. This isn’t about monitoring or replacing employees. Rather, pattern detection software is simply providing leaders with the accurate and timely insights needed to deliver the best decisions for their business.[…]

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