Agencies today are leveraging artificial intelligence technologies in many different ways and to varying degrees of success. A big question that has been on the minds of industry leaders in recent years is, “What is the best way for our organization to invest in AI?”


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From automating processes to serving as a conduit for better customer care and communication, agencies are embracing AI capabilities they hope will streamline operations and improve results for clients. Below, members of Forbes Agency Council draw upon their industry insights and personal experiences to explore how agencies can incorporate AI and what kinds of results they can expect.

1. Optimizing Your Website For Search

At our company, we’re using AI in a few areas, including for website SEO, where it has propelled a more than 50% increase in page views per visitor, year over year. We also use automated systems to manage our increasingly complex workflows. Snippets on the website automatically enter new leads into our customer relationship management system, and messaging workflows fuel quick responses to new leads, leading to an increase in total leads converted. – Paula Chiocchi, Outward Media, Inc.

2. Answering Easy Questions And Booking Meetings

One of the best ways that AI is being leveraged at the moment is to answer easy questions. In addition to that, it is used as a virtual assistant and to help book meetings. This is very helpful because it means some processes take fewer people to manage from end to end. – Jon James, Ignited Results

3. Bid Shading For Programmatic Ad Buys

One type of AI that has really benefited our workflow has been bid shading for our programmatic ad buys. The AI within our demand-side platform uses historical data to basically handle the cost-benefit analysis of certain bids, meaning we don’t have to manually test or risk overpaying for placements. It saves our team valuable time while still delivering high-yield placements for our clients. – Tellef Lundevall, Accelerated Digital Media

4. Recruiting Talent And Gathering Sales Leads

Using AI to optimize different workflows, such as recruiting talent or gathering sales leads, has been a success for many agencies. By doing so, you see a decrease in mundane manual tasks, which then opens bandwidth for teams to focus on tasks that require deeper thinking. – Jordan Edelson, Appetizer Mobile LLC […]

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