The future of crime fighting is being defined by much of the same technology that is revolutionizing business and other areas of life. Artificial intelligence (AI), automation, big data, extended reality, and all the most important trends we identify across other sectors are equally making their mark in policing.


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These technologies give police officers and intelligence agencies unprecedented powers to crack down on criminal activity as they attempt to keep us safe. They also help to tackle the new forms of crime that are emerging as criminals become ever-more inventive in their own use of technology and data.


So here’s a look at some of the latest developments in technology that will be playing a key role in policing today and in the near future.

Smart device data

The volume of data being generated is exploding, and lots of that data can potentially be useful when it comes to fighting crime. Internet of things (IoT) devices such as video doorbells and voice assistants, with their ability to capture incidental goings-on in their environment, are increasingly becoming valuable sources of intelligence for officers and detectives searching for evidence. Data from an Alexa smart speaker has been used by a court in the US to assist in a double murder case. And data from Fitbit fitness trackers have been used in several cases, including recently in the case of a man accused of killing his wife.

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More than 400 police forces have partnered with video doorbell manufacturer Ring to access data captured from their devices (with permission from the device owners). Additionally, smart city infrastructure will increasingly be built with functionality to assist with crime prevention and detection, such as controlling traffic lights to assist police and ambulance crews to quickly reach the scene of crimes or accidents.

One network of devices that are specifically built to help tackle crime is ShotSpotter. This consists of an array of microphones attached to city infrastructure, such as street lights, that detect the sound of gunfire. It then issues real-time alerts to law enforcement officers who can react more quickly than if they have to wait for reports from witnesses to come in. The technology has been around for a while but is becoming increasingly common.[…]

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