The Role of Experts in the Societal Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence – Global AI Ambassadors on the Mission

Understanding – Acceptance – Development

Technology on its own is a useless tool. It may sound harsh but let’s just think about it for a moment! If there is low or no demand for new technologies, all the work of researchers, scientists, developers, and engineers is in vain. Top-notch solutions are fundamental, yet only one part of the technological evolution. To ensure that new technologies can go through their entire lifecycle and pave the path for new inventions, societal acceptance plays a crucial role. Acceptance is based on understanding – that’s what overwins skepticism and lack of trust, leading not only to demand for consumption but also further development.

In the case of Artificial Intelligence (AI), for many, the only reference point comes from Hollywood films. Surely Terminator, Ava in Ex Machina, or David in Prometheus popped into your mind just now. In many cases, the media also doesn’t paint a favorable picture, with headlines such as “AI Will Overtake Humans in 5 Years”, “Humanity Should Fear Advances in Artificial Intelligence”, “Is the World Moving Towards Real Terminators?”. For even more confusion, we can also read headlines which set absolutely unrealistic expectations and overhype AI as the sole solution to global challenges. Although this technology has all the potential to tackle urging questions, on its own, without the human being it is indeed just a useless tool.

Overall, AI’s widely inaccurate representation of applications and potentials drastically impacting people’s understanding and therefore acceptance. Nonetheless, expert and leaders across industries and businesses have been tapping into the potentials of cognitive technologies. Without almost realizing, AI is playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare, bioscience, education, finance, manufacturing and agriculture just to mention a few.

AI Experts Need a More Influential Role

To ensure that our technological solutions across industries increasingly benefit from the power of AI, experts need to be put into a more influential role. Their expertise and curiosity are not only crucial in advancing this technology, but when they join forces, they also have the power to demystify AI, create understanding, build trust and drive development.

Global AI Ambassadors on the Mission

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With this purpose, through the strong principle of “Share for Success”, a global network has been created, consisting of AI experts, so called AI Ambassadors. Their credibility has been proved by SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network.

AI Ambassadors are carefully selected strictly on the basis of their personal accomplishments – regardless companies, organizations or products. They believe in the smart combination of human and artificial intelligence that can drive businesses and societies forward. They are propelled by passion and committed to share their knowledge & experience with an interdisciplinary approach. They are driven to involve communities worldwide in the AI journey, stimulate information flow across borders and disciplines, and while building trust, play a crucial role in demystifying AI.


The current network of AI Ambassadors is spread out on six continents and consists of experts with an average of twenty years of experience in AI. The network’s power lies in collaboration – reducing misconceptions, spotlighting applications, potentials and challenges and driving the development forward together to the point where the limitation of this technology is only our imagination.

Find out who these experts are! Connect with them on social media and get practical, realistic and un-hyped insights with them into the world of AI.


Global AI Ambassadors 2022

Aleksandra Przegalinska, Angelica Sirotin, Ann Aerts, Antonio Russo, Aruna Pattam, Ashley Casovan, Carolina Pinart, Christian Guttmann, Claire Matuka, Clara Langevin, Craig Ganssle, Daniel Angerhausen, David Meza, Enrico Molinari, Erik Nygren, Eva Schönleitner, Ganesh Padmanabhan, Heinz V. Hoenen, Irakli Beridze, Jacques Ludik, Jayant Narayan, John Kamara, Marisa Tschopp, Muhannad Alomari, Nancy Nemes, Ngozi Bell, Pascal Bornet, Ria Persad, Ricardo Chavarriaga, Sophie Achermann, Steffen Konrath, Tania Peitzker, Thomas Helfrich, Tom Allen, Umberto Michelucci, Utkarsh Amitabh, Utpal Chakraborty