AI is Changing Food: Artificial intelligence can aid in remedying some of the pain points in manufacturing, such as maintaining consistent product quality, need for predictive maintenance, and demand for actionable insights from sensor data.


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Manufacturing high-quality products at minimum cost is the goal for most companies, and Industry 4.0 initiatives can get us closer than ever before. Despite being in varying stages of digital strategies and digitizing operations, many in the manufacturing industry are seeing the huge opportunities these initiatives offer. One of the most talked about initiatives is artificial intelligence (AI).

Mckinsey’s State of AI survey in 2020 reported that 22% of respondents who adopted AI saw revenue growth of more than 5%, particularly in areas such as finance and supply chain management.

AI can also bring benefits to manufacturing, which we’re going to look at in this article.

Improving product quality

Maintaining consistent product quality is a significant challenge in food and beverage production. Using machine learning can maintain higher levels of product quality overall, while enabling faster quality checks through visual inspection.

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Video and image recognition tools can detect and analyze products in real-time, determining whether a product passes the quality check based on input specifications. These tools can determine a pass/fail outcome for a range of needs, such as packaging fill levels and label placement.

Image recognition tools are more accessible than before, making implementation easier. Usually, it doesn’t require an overhaul of current processes, a large-scale installation within your plant, or significant investment to get started.

How AI helps:

  • Maintains a high accuracy of visual inspections
  • Detects quality issues in real time
  • Identifying root cause of quality issues, improving future production processes.

More efficient maintenance

Predicting issues in machinery performance before they arise makes a huge difference to a manufacturer’s bottom line. […]

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