Artificial intelligence has continued to witness a meteoric rise across different industries, redefining how we adapt and interact with technology in our everyday activities. We use them for basic daily tasks such as scheduling and reminders to workplace automation to get tasks done. The possibilities are endless as there are still more than artificial intelligence promises.


SwissCognitive Guest Blogger: Thomas Helfrich, Expert in intelligent automation and Artificial Intelligence Innovation systems


With 2022 around the corner, one can only imagine what the future holds and what spheres will be experiencing the AI spotlight. Let’s take a deep dive and explore how artificial intelligence will take center stage in 2022.


1. Augmented Workforce

Not only is the augmented workforce taking the world by storm, but it is also redefining the workforce at large. Before now, this concept would only have been best imagined, but we don’t have to worry about imagining that now as it is already upon us. Humans can now coexist with modern technology and advanced robots in the same workplace. This hybrid relationship is essential in speeding up production.
Augmented workers are the best of both worlds as they are enhanced with sophisticated technology, making them unique in their ability to complete laborious tasks. This technology allows an augmented worker to work with several machines, simultaneously sharing their data and real-time responses. Such a high level of synchronization would be impossible for the workers’ robotic implants, which can process tasks in a fraction of the regular time. Industries are swiftly catching up and adopting the innovative cognitive abilities of this technology. Businesses deploy it to predict customer buying behaviors, while in manufacturing, it can detect faulty products during production.

2. AI in cybersecurity

With the pandemic accelerating the adoption of digital space as the new normal, the need to be more cyber-aware has become a necessity. Online and digital crime peaked since the pandemic forced remote, remote and online work to be a part of our culture. One way to curb the menace of the “men of the cyberworld” is through artificial intelligence in cybersecurity.
As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, it plays an increasingly important role in cybersecurity. Ai can be used in identifying and proactively responding to cyber threats before they become damaging to an organization. AI can help organizations better understand how their data is used, which can help prevent data breaches. For example, AI can be leveraged to create fake user profiles that can test the security of online systems. AI can also create “bots” that can automatically respond to cyberattacks, allowing organizations to quickly and effectively deal with threats.

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3. Creative AI

Creative artificial intelligence is one concept of AI technology that has caught like a wildfire. Gone are the days where creativity was peculiar to humans alone. Artificial intelligence has entered that space and masterfully wielded it to get the desired result. Think creativity, and you will find AI being adopted to write song ballads, create mind-blowing paintings, and even make ads and movie trailers.
For example, companies are already turning to Jarvis in their droves to take care of their blogs, articles, and marketing copies. In 2016, IBM Watson’s cognitive platform was used to create the first-ever movie trailer for “Morgan”. With newer technologies such as GPT-4 and co on the horizon, one can only imagine the new heights of creativity with artificial intelligence.

4. Autonomous vehicles

Think autonomous vehicles, and you’ll find artificial intelligence. The development and advancement of autonomous vehicles exemplify how technology is becoming more intelligent and more powerful. Self-driving cars take away the burden of worrying about safety on the road.
With 90% of road accidents caused by human errors leading to the death of over 1.3 million people annually in traffic accidents, autonomous vehicles present the possibility of safer transportation and improved traffic decongestion.
Now that Tesla is proposing to demonstrate full self-driving cars by 2022, competitors like Google, Ford, GM, and Apple will be looking to up the ante in the coming year, making the tussle for autonomous vehicles be one to salivate in anticipation over.

The Wrap Up

As the countdown to 2022 draws ever closer with every tick-tick on the clock, one can only drool in awe at the anticipation of what the future holds for artificial intelligence as we enter a year that promises the best yet for AI technology. Artificial intelligence will always be part of our narrative, enabling tasks to get done faster while ensuring optimum results are attained and the incoming year holds most of the answers.

About the Author:

Thomas “Ai Nerd” Helfrich is an expert in intelligent automation and AI Innovation systems. As the CEO and Founder of, he has created the #1 AI-Powered thought leadership content creation company. Thomas is an influencer on LinkedIn and the host of the “AI Nerd – AI With Attitude” YouTube channel. And now also sharing content on Tik Tok: He is always entertaining, informative, and engaging with the audience.