What if you were told that your life is 100% your responsibility? And what if that applies to the AI Trajectory as well? There is so much more in our power than we would think. It is somehow intimidating and empowering at the same time.


Head of Global Events & Communications, SwissCognitive Livia Spiesz


How we orchestrate our life is 100% of our responsibility. I know, some would argue this, as there are many external factors which we have no control of, yet fundamentally influencing our life. True, but even considering that, it is our full responsibility how we respond to those external factors. I am a huge believer of this 100% rule. As intimidating it may sound, it is also as empowering. No matter what we face in life and how bumpy the road gets, it is absolutely up to us how we perceive the happenings and respond to those.

So what all that has to do with the AI trajectory? The fact that it is fully our responsibility to make it work for us. That doesn’t mean that we all need to become AI experts. Not at all. It can also mean that we open our eyes and start allowing ourselves to see what this technology can do for us today and what its potentials are tomorrow.

We need to be curious enough and go beyond some news’ headlines which either overhype this technology or make us feel scared and skeptical. AI is part of our technological and maybe even our human evolution. There is no going back. And if you ask me, why should we? There is no reason for not wanting to make sense of the increasing amount of data that is being generated every day. We already have thousands of years’ worth of data. Let’s turn that data into valuable information and start tackling global challenges around healthcare, poverty, climate, and our economies.

So what can you do?

Join the global-reaching audience of the largest cross-industry AI conference on 14. December!


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Let’s go beyond news from the media and let’s get hands-on insights from over 20 cross-industry business leaders and worldwide recognized AI experts discussing the current state, future opportunities, and challenges around the advancement of cognitive technologies.


To ensure the highest conference content quality possible, all leaders and AI experts on stage have been carefully selected, bringing an average 25 years of experience each to the stage. They come from different industries and disciplinaries and representatives of both the public and private sector.

Some of the most recognized people include Kai-Fu Lee, one of the biggest names in the global AI ecosystem; Kay Firth-Butterfield, Head of AI & ML and Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum; Thomas Davin, Global Innovation Director, UNICEF; Walter Thurnherr, Chancellor of Switzerland; and Pierre-Philippe Mathieu, Φ-lab Explore Office Leader from the European Space Agency.

In the format of expert panel discussions, keynotes and interviews, the speakers will focus on the current state of AI development and applications, perception for 2022 and after, the AI investment landscape, opportunities ahead, and challenges and solutions.

The AI conference is open to the public upon official registration free of charge, giving a unique opportunity to thousands of people to exchange with their AI peers globally and connect with the speakers on stage.


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