Machine learning can help cyber experts in rectifying threats easily


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Cybersecurity is the most vital part of any company. It helps make sure that their data is safe and secure. With an increasing demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning these technologies are also transforming the cybersecurity space. Machine learning has many applications in Cybersecurity such as identifying cyber threats, combating cybercrime, and improving available antivirus software using AI capabilities. So, let’s see what are the applications of machine learning in cybersecurity.

1 Identifying the Cyber Threats

As cybersecurity plays a critical role in finding out if any cyber threats have entered the systems. The most difficult task of cybersecurity is finding out if the connection requests into the system if any suspicious activities such as sending or receiving data can also lead to the threat. This is where machine learning can help in providing a lot of help to professionals in detecting cyber threats. A cyber threat identification system that is powered by AI can also be used to keep an eye on incoming calls and monitoring systems.

2 AI-Based Antivirus Software

Before using any system, it is highly recommended to install Antivirus as it protects the system from scanning any new files on the network if they might match with any malware signature. Antivirus software which is integrated with machine learning can identify any kind of virus and thereby alert the user about it.

3 User Behaviour Modelling

There might be some cyber threats that can attack a company and steal the login credentials of any of its users. This can create a lot of issues of stealing data without anyone knowing. Machine learning algorithms can be trained to identify the behaviour of each user such as their login and logout patterns and can alert the cybersecurity team if there are any issues.

4 Combating AI Threats

As many hackers are taking advantage of the technology, machine learning can be used to find the holes where cybersecurity issues are detected. Companies need to use machine learning for cybersecurity purposes too. This can also become a standard protocol for defending against cyberattacks. […]

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