Major pandemics impacted humankind in centuries gone by and the infliction continues in the 21st century with the COVID 19 outbreak. Most researchers and experts are joining hands to fight the outbreak. They use powerful technology like artificial intelligence to fight against the pandemic.

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COVID 19 or Coronavirus undoubtedly caused deadly pneumonia and has resulted in massive failure. This deadly virus spread in Wuhan, China, at the initial level then spread across various parts of the globe.

On 9th January, the World Health Organization issued a notice that there is an outbreak of the flu in China that might have spread from the live animal market, which is located in Wuhan.

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To date, more than 3000 people were infected, more than 81 were killed due to the effect of the deadly viruses. After that, there are numerous cases noted around the whole world; the number is still increasing.

But how must Artificial Intelligence help to tackle the current COVID 19 pandemic? It’s a tricky question to answer right. BlueDot is typically tight-lipped about who they must provide information to and how it will be used? However, the human team says that they have spotted the pandemic that day as the AIs. 

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Other projects in which AI acts as a diagnostic tool or practiced to help find a vaccine are still in their initial stages. However, it might take time to get the innovations into the hands of the healthcare workers who actually require them.

BlueDot: Know How it Helps You Fight Against the Deadly Virus

Artificial intelligence (AI) can undoubtedly help us fight against COVID 19; the announcement of the outbreak was made on 31st December. AI-based BlueDot is a health monitoring platform that helps to analyze billions of data. This monitoring platform can help analyze the data available online and can use this data to assess public health threats.

The AI tool processes machine learning and natural language processing techniques to filter numerous data. It becomes easy to explore airline data and news reports and reports related to animal-related outbreaks.

A highly trained epidemiologist’s team scans the result and checks everything very quickly, then sends it to customers to warn them. This system predicts where the virus will spread and will spread in the future. Interestingly AI-based BlueDot predicted this spread by tracking airline data accurately.

Effect of Artificial Intelligence on the Healthcare Sector

Lastly, it was announced that investment in AI technology was expected to reach around $10 million. According to the company, “artificial intelligence technology uses big data analytics to anticipate and track the spread of the world’s most dangerous diseases termed as COVID 19.” This system has previously helped predict other outbreaks, such as the Zika outbreak, oriented from South Florida.

Artificial Intelligence is Considered as Future Technology: Know Why

Artificial intelligence has created a significant impact on the healthcare sector; it has impacted it with three significant aspects; these factors include doctors, operations, and patients. AI tools are also used to craft an open-source event ticketing system, delivery software helping promote social distancing, and many others. And now, this modern technology is implemented at every level of the healthcare sector; it’s the overall impact that will disrupt the industry.

Summing It Up

With the changing world, many diseases are spreading faster than our imagination. The substantial increase in data and having access to the data can be used to have insights into the effect of the disease shortly. However, by using various AI tools and AI-driven applications, it becomes easy to access various data; this data can be used to avoid the various types of diseases and help prevent them from spreading throughout the globe.

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