The AI of tomorrow belongs to everyone—those who can and cannot code. The advent of ‘no-code’ AI-enabled process automation tools signals the arrival of an era where knowledge workers can break free from the recurring cycle of tedious, repetitive tasks by letting training a custom AI to handle them—without writing a line of code.

SwissCognitive Guest Blogger: Abhinav Raj is a political correspondent for Immigration Advice Services.

SwissCognitive, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Bots, CDO, CIO, CI, Cognitive Computing, Deep Learning, IoT, Machine Learning, NLP, Robot, Virtual reality, learningIn the steadily growing industrial automation software market, the rise of ‘no-code’, artificial intelligence-enabled platforms spell an upcoming paradigm shift.

The AI market size was valued at $27.3 billion in 2019 with a projected compound annual growth rate of 33.2% from 2020-2027, so it stands to reason why every corporation would want to harness the limitless potential of AI to compete in a rapidly advancing market with the bleeding edge tools of the century.

What’s pioneering the next step towards democratizing artificial intelligence is an unusual tryst between machine learning and a simple, comprehensive UI—one that is understood by users, whether or not they know how to code.

What does this mean for businesses?

It depends upon whom you ask—for HR executives, it implies less time spent categorizing emails by content. For freelancers, it would mean scouring through thousands of opportunities in a matter of minutes. For content moderators, analysis of unwanted content in the blink of an eye. For nearly every business position, monotonous, recursive tasks can be delegated to a curated, custom AI that fits their needs like a glove.

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The vision of workflow automation AI developers for the coming era is to streamline repetitive and dull processes by simply training a custom AI to handle them for the firm.

Venture-capital backed workflow automation firm envisions a similar no-code AI landscape. Coupled with a powerful under-the-hood AI and a user-friendly UI, Levity is an automation tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. In a matter of minutes, the firm’s automation tool can tailor a custom AI solution for visual inspection, auto-tagging and text analysis.

AI-based automation is expanding into territories in inconceivable ways. Automation of this fashion would likely improve work-life balance and enable knowledge workers, as puts it, to ‘rise above mundane tasks’.

About the author:

Abhinav Raj is a political correspondent for Immigration Advice Services. This is a media platform that helps raise awareness about migrant injustices and news around the world.