How to Set Up and AI Centre of Excellence?

As being associated with many promises, our expectations are high. It is thought to make processes faster and more accurate – translating into more efficiency and return on investment. Thinking big is, however, never bad. But it is important to stay realistic, get the basics right, and start small.

First and foremost, we must not to forget, is not something that we “plug in and play”. is also not a goal. It is a tool. A tool that can highly contribute to achieving a goal.

So with that on board, how do we “play the game of ”? How do we build a strong foundation for a functioning Centre of Excellence, and based on that, scale projects into production successfully? There are many questions to be addressed around expectations, goals, prerequisites of data, technology, skills and talents, processes, leaders, and choice of use cases. With our business world becoming ever more competitive and clients are becoming increasingly demanding, these are only some of the questions needed to be addressed. So let’s look at some of the above-mentioned ones.

literacy. Leaders, SMEs, analysts, developers and engineers need to be reskilled and upskilled to create an -ready mindset. There is a need to build an -literate cross-functional critical mass.

Data. Its accessibility and quality. Is our data -ready? Can we make it -ready?

Trust. How do we build trust in ? How do we make it explainable, transparent, inclusive, and ethical – all at the same time? Leaders need to do a lot in this sense. They need to create clarity across their organizations by establishing principles for the responsible design and use of . Leaders need to monitor cognitive and unconscious bias and design with privacy, fairness, trust and transparency.

Time. We cannot have a short-term view when is a long-term endeavour. Short-term perspective only increases technical debt. Technical debt equals mission debt. With enough time, you allow experience to build your literacy. With enough time, daily lessons give way to long-term growth in an -powered organization. With enough time, wins move data to the center of your organization.

All in all, defining the goal, managing expectations, developing technical infrastructure, while also taking ethical aspects into consideration are only some of the most fundamental components of entrenching in an organization. To ensure that all aspects are covered, we gather some of the best leaders and experts together from across industries and disciplinaries.

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