The esports industry has exploded in popularity in the past few years. In 2019, 198 million faithful fans and 245 million occasional viewers watched several billions of hours of esports events and streams.

SwissCognitive Guest Blogger: Milica Kostic, business enthusiast and content specialist

SwissCognitive, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Bots, CDO, CIO, CI, Cognitive Computing, Deep Learning, IoT, Machine Learning, NLP, Robot, Virtual reality, learningWhere viewers go, money follows, and this rapidly expanding market has already attracted a slew of investors. All that funding has opened up incredible opportunities for esports teams, and the latest prominent addition to this sphere shines a new light on esports gaming.

Namely, the world of esports has opened its doors to artificial intelligence (AI), giving players a new edge. Using AI-powered game analysis and move prediction, elite players can improve their skills and master new strategic approaches to gaming. To boot, players can now practice in unison with AI partners or versus AI opponents.

The possibilities are endless, but before we delve deeper into the realm of futurism, let’s explore how AI is changing the esports scene today.

Sponsorship Money

In the esports realm, teams and players are always looking for sponsorship deals as their primary revenue source. Some teams and players don’t have the know-how to reach the spotlight and get a hold of these endorsements. Before they make a sponsorship decision, players need to consider their social network presence and general reputation, if they have one. Artificial intelligence can successfully improve their chances: AI can work on expanding a given team’s reach and make sure potential sponsors take note of them.

At the moment, a significant number of players have received sponsorship deals. At the same time, many significant esports events have a famous sponsor as their partner. Basically, the brands hitching their names to the esports wagon are only going to get grander and grander, and some of these are bound to be renowned bookmakers, too.

Esports Training

AI is helping gamers and teams enhance their performance by providing them with never-before-seen tools. AI-powered systems can watch and analyze thousands of esports matches and then use that data to help players improve their game.

With the right programming and enough learning material, AI can provide precise insight into the flaws and advantages of each player’s style – an area of training otherwise susceptible to oversight. Besides, practicing against AI offers players a unique opportunity to evaluate their own results in detail and try out various tactics in total safety.

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AI Platforms

AI platforms are websites that employ AI to analyze a player’s game footage and help them find ways to improve their strategy. AI will pore over thousands of potential solutions and offer suggestions to e-athletes for improving their overall gameplay.

Some AI platforms utilize state-of-the-art technologies such as computer vision, deep learning, and machine learning to help players identify the strengths and weaknesses within the bounds of the matches they play.


Understanding the needs of your audience is vital for broadcasting. Creating the perfect show requires years of experience gained through trial and error. Luckily, AI can analyze those years of material and glean the viewer’s needs and patterns. As a result, AI-powered esports shows will attract enormous audiences.

Based on gathered data, AI systems can predict which broadcasting elements generate the most interest from the viewers. Thus, tournament and league promotion teams can plan accordingly and create new strategies for reaching even higher viewership numbers and engagement with their AI-advised content.

Content Marketing

Content distribution via articles, images, and videos can also be optimized using AI technology. As of now, the main chunk of this type of work is handled by humans, but you can now rely on AI technology to do this task with ever-improving results. AI can perfectly match evolving customer needs with appropriate content by constantly making self-improvements based on live feedback.

In the future, AI will create new distribution options. For example,  AI will automatically create clips from esports broadcasts and upload them to social media, eliminating the need for manual – and slow – video editing.

Anti-Cheating Technology

Just like any other sport, esports has an ongoing problem with fixed matches and cheating players. These issues can ruin a sport’s reputation and create an environment lacking in trust and credibility.

Anti-cheating software is known for being ineffective, and every day new cheating tools pop up online, within reach to anyone who wants to download them. Systems manned exclusively by human support agents can’t handle the sheer volume of reports being made worldwide. On the other hand, AI uses all the data from anti-cheating software and determines if unfair play has occurred via reinforced learning. Some AI anti-cheating systems have already made the banning of about forty thousand players possible. Without a doubt, with this technology, esports will become a safer environment for all fair players.

AI Drafting

As esports increases in popularity every day, more and more new teams band together to try their luck in the big leagues. However, without a professional scouting team, assessing the quality a potential e-athlete brings to the keyboard is challenging, to say the least. Nowadays, prospective players can use all kinds of tricks to fool official teams into believing they perform better than they actually do. AI-powered performance analysis may become a viable solution in the future to avoid scouting mistakes and maximize sponsorship gains.

AI can analyze video input, scouting, team, and esports betting company reports. With this information, reliable player ranking can be achieved, and esports teams can find the most suitable talent in a pool of similarly-proficient players.

AI Tournaments

AI is already deeply ingrained in the esports world, adding new dimensions to esports tournaments, attracting viewers, and helping players every day. There’s even the possibility of organizing entirely AI-run tournaments to explore new gameplay strategies. For example, AI can learn from the matches any famous esports player participated in and expand upon their skillset, or pit them against each other.

The AI Race Has Begun 

As we can see, AI has set out to transform almost every aspect of esports. Companies who refuse to move with the times and don’t invest in this fantastic technology will surely be left behind. The race for the most successful esports artificial intelligence has already begun, and esports companies using AI have gained a competitive edge that will surely change the world of esports forever.

About the author:

Milica is a business enthusiast and content specialist who takes joy in writing about marketing, cybersecurity, tech, finance, health. Her publications can be seen all over the web: Eventbrite, Gulf News, Host Review, CCM, to name a few. Her knowledge came from many years of B2B communication-based roles with 4 years of guiding world-known brands toward award-winning customer experience initiatives. She is also an advocate for vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal, and human rights with a degree in Sociology.