What does 2021 hold for us? And what does it hold for us on the grounds of cognitive technologies? Who wouldn’t like to know? Let’s find out from the greatest minds in the global world of AI!

Article by Livia Spiesz, SwissCognitive – The Global AI Hub

What life throws at us is sometimes really not what we expect. Maybe this applies to this article as well. With it coming from the “world of AI”, we would expect it to be rather technical and technology-focused. Well, that is not what’s coming now. There is also a reason behind that… but let’s have more on that later.

Let me approach this now from a personal perspective – but still while staying on the grounds of cognitive technologies. Most of us would like to have at least a brief outline for the future. This would help us to prepare better and make decisions that are in favour of the normally unknown forthcomings. No wonder. Xenophobia – the fear of the unknown – is very much wired in the human brain; nevertheless, on the whole, throughout evolution we have managed to find our ways around it. Still, if we take a closer look at our responses to the unknown, we can see that we do tend to respond to uncertainty differently – some people thrive, others become emotionally paralyzed.

I cannot speak for others in terms of handling the yet unknown. I can only tell you how I got to where I am today through my own learning and experiences and what I see from others around me working. Since my childhood, I believed in being consequent – making decisions and acting in ways that are more likely to have the desired result or effect that I long for. I personally don’t enjoy uncertainties – and being in events and communication gives me great grounds to ensure I put my ability into practice – plan and prepare for all possible scenarios and orchestrate content that touches, moves and inspires others.

This brings me to my very point and also to the intention of this article. As I see it, both on personal and business grounds as well, the only way to minimize uncertainty is by understanding, planning, anticipating and preparing. In some cases though, I know it far too well, there are some trials that we cannot predict or prepare for. Those are challenges that we need to deal with on the spot, in the given space and time. But in many other cases, we can learn from the past, seek understanding, connect the dots, and with that anticipate and prepare for the future. Very importantly, we can also learn from others, with more experience and expertise and with that on board take the best possible steps for a more certain future. This is also what I referred to in the first paragraph above. You may have expected this article to be more technical, but I rather keep my attention focused on what I believe I do the best, and regarding technology itself, I allow the experts to weight-in with their expertise.

To see what awaits us on the global grounds of AI, with the incredible team of SwissCognitive – The Global AI Hub, we gather the strongest minds together from various industries and disciplines. To get the broadest and most in-depth view possible, we don’t plan to look into the crystal ball. No. We are set out to build our next steps in the AI ecosystem based on the exchange and brainstorming of experts, and with joint forces navigate through our global challenges – which also hide incredible opportunities.

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1’000+ Attendees, 15 Speakers, 3 Hours


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Thursday, 17 December 2020
16:00 – 19:00 CEST
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I am referring to some of the most beautiful minds coming together on 17 December 2020, on our global virtual stage, #CognitiveVirtual, from Forbes 500 organizations to start-ups, as well as to the World Economic Forum, United Nations, International Committee of the Red Cross, and MIT – therefore, from intergovernmental organizations to business and academia.

Four keynotes, three panel discussions, two practical insights – all with one focus: Artificial Intelligence in 2021. The outlook for AI across industries and organizations, based on experts’ and leaders’ combined knowledge and experience of over 400 years.

Join us in the virtual audience that after three days of event publication had gained almost 1’000 registrants! And even more to come! Let’s see what leaders and experts say. Let’s connect and learn, and with joint forces consequently prepare for the development of cognitive technologies – both from personal and professional perspectives. Looking forward to welcoming you in our virtual audience!   

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