Real-Time AI Powered Trends To Which Business Can’t Live Without In 2021.

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SwissCognitive, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Bots, CDO, CIO, CI, Cognitive Computing, Deep Learning, IoT, Machine Learning, NLP, Robot, Virtual reality, learningAlthough there are many good reasons to remember year 2020, but we have to accept the sad reality i.e. COVID-19 as well which is the major downside of same year. The best parts are the automation and the enhancement of customer experience through ML and AI. Another learning which came out very strongly is “Work From Home”, it has taught us that we all can do a lot more from home what we used to think. In current times businesses are more focused on AI & ML and investing massive capital for the same.

Companies are getting advanced in many ways to provide tailored and elegant solutions. Technologies like 5G (6G and Quantum computing are little far for now), cutting-edge medical diagnostics systems, real-time AI-powered e-commerce, consumer electronics, and smart personal assistants are few examples.


AI’s bundle of joy (Machine learning and its advancement to deep learning and neural network) as horizontal scaling techniques have taken almost every other businesses and technology to the next level. No one feels surprised to hear Siri/Cortana/Alexa voices around them i.e. the applications which are now part of our daily life and they are everywhere.

The revenue from AI-based hardware, software, and services to reach $215.7 billion worldwide in the next year. Blockchain is no longer a fashionable technology as well. According to Gartner, about 80% of the technological development in the year 2021, will have artificial intelligence techniques behind them.

AI is getting more and more prominent across industries which is a plus point to move away from hype. It was once over-hyped for marketers, but now it’s the most powerful tools to automate their day-to-day operations. According to McKinsey, the AI industry is expecting to have more than $2.6 trillion worth of business in sales and online marketing. As most of the companies will seek an enhanced customer experience for their end-users, there will be tough competition against each other for a more stable future. Here are the top 5 AI-powered tools that businesses can’t sustain without in 2021.

AI-Powered Enhanced Cybersecurity

AI-Powered enhanced cybersecurity will become the golden key to save consumers and companies to fall victim of financial and data privacy frauds. Rise in frauds and data breaching are the most common problem we see on the market. A lot of people get caught in these kind of traps and eventually lose significant amount of money/data for their online activities like on-line purchase or looking for some free things.

As it’s said in the industry, “Fishers(breachers) are everywhere looking for a big fish (opportunity)”. Therefore, to prevent consumers (to fall victim) of all kind, business are tightening their cyber-security and data collection strategy. These strategies are coming at huge investment of money, time and skilled resources. Gaining consumer trust is not easy and if this gets lost somehow then companies become reading material in history books. So essentially AI has the responsibility to improve cybersecurity for companies, home users and every individual thus its in demand.

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Some sources from the internet (reliable sources) claims that Facebook collects information like connected computers, phones, connected TVs, and other web-connected devices and internet service provider or mobile operator. This is to analyse your financial capacity & taste and segmentation to serve you adds.

Developers are always in the never-ending race to bring the best technology. That can save millions of customers from data breaches. Advanced coding in ML and AI helps to find threats, malware, ransomware, DDS attacks, and much more. Threat Intelligence to support fraud hunting is the need of today for almost every business.

Hyper Automation powered by AI

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