What does it take to be one of these leading nations? To find that answer let’s look at the 7 most promising Governmental AI solutions across the globe. 

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SwissCognitive, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Bots, CDO, CIO, CI, Cognitive Computing, Deep Learning, IoT, Machine Learning, NLP, Robot, Virtual reality, learningAs the 21st century rages on, success and failure of nations depends not only on their citizenry and governmental leadership, but heavily on the technological visions that countries embrace. If a nation takes the approach of sitting back or standing still as automation and Artificial Intelligence advance at ever increasing rates, that nation is destined to be left behind. However, if a country embraces AI and dedicates significant resources and top minds to ethical implementation, that country is destined to be a leader for decades to come.

Recently Steve Mills, Chief AI Ethics Officer & Leader for Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector, and Partner at Boston Consulting Group said quite eloquently “AI has become table stages for global national economic and technological competitiveness. This goes beyond nations capturing a piece of the large and rapidly growing AI market. AI is poised to transform nearly every industry. There is an imperative for nations to position themselves to integrate AI into these sectors. Particularly those sectors that are economically important to them. Failing to do so could erode their competitive position, creating opportunities for other, more technologically advanced nations to fill the void. This is not just a matter of missed upside potential from the new AI market. It’s also about downside risk for every other sector that is economically important to a nation.” 

What does it take to be one of these leading nations? To find that answer let’s look at the 7 most promising Governmental AI solutions across the globe. 

1. United States Department of Defense Joint Artificial Intelligence Center

The Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center is building on its success and moving towards what its Director, Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Michael Groen, calls “JAIC 2.0.” He wants the United States to accelerate the implementation of AI within the DoD. Lt. General Groen has also overseen the granting of $100 million to Deloitte Consulting to create a Joint Common Foundation to help organize the pentagon’s AI factory, secure it against intruders, direct its workers and test its products. As I’ve written ad infinitum, countries will always move their vision forward by successfully teaming with the private sector. 

2. Denmark’s Digital Growth

The Danish government allocated $134 million euros through 2025 as a part of their new Digital Growth Strategy. The goal of Denmark’s strategy for digital growth is to make Denmark a pioneer in the digital revolution to develop wealth for every Danish citizen. 

This sounds great on its face, but what exists within their borders to make this a reality? PerLasse Grøn Christensen, a Tech Team Leader at Invest in Denmark said, “Denmark holds international strongholds in research within the area of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning and cryptography, just to mention a few, and offers a world-class software development talent pool. The strong focus of the Danish government to increase the number of graduates with a STEM background and to secure easier access to IT skills will be crucial for Denmark’s digital growth and a decisive factor for companies looking for locations to set up new R&D facilities.” 

3. Estonia’s National AI Strategy

Estonia has a goal of at least 50 AI use cases by the end of the year, building on its current 30. Estonia created a National AI Strategy, which resulted in a national plan for promoting the implementation of AI solutions in both public and private sectors. Part of this is the Estonian government investing 10 million euros through 2021 to push towards full implementation of this National AI Strategy. 

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The government is also focusing on their national education system with AI in mind. Estonia have begun a change with the creation of a specialized Master of Science study program in the field of Data Science, including artificial intelligence. The nation will begin to include AI in the curriculum for all general education schools. This is a common sense, yet brilliant approach to winning the future in Denmark. By starting their youth in the these fields through school, Estonia can ensure great bench strength and an educated and ready generation of AI minds to come. […]

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