AR Technology; from science fiction to gaming, this technology has crossed several paths to garner attention in the market.

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SwissCognitive, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Bots, CDO, CIO, CI, Cognitive Computing, Deep Learning, IoT, Machine Learning, NLP, Robot, Virtual reality, learningToday, it is one of the most phenomenal technologies that have transformed businesses and their landscapes entirely. AR is all about the future and has turned heads while making a significant change in businesses across the world. Despite being relatively new, AR has unlocked the hidden potential in each business sector, which has further wheeled our services to a new level.

If you are still confused with the fact that businesses are getting benefit out of it, then this post is here for you. You must scroll it down further to comprehend how AR has revolutionized a tech era with its functionalities.

Difference between augmented reality and virtual reality

Indeed, there is! Although both technologies are often mistaken to be one, but not many of us know that Augmented reality improves, enhances, and expands real life, as it inserts virtual objects within the real-world environment. On the other hand, Virtual Reality makes a virtual world, letting users interact with products using devices that is different from the real world. 

Use cases of Augmented Reality

1. Repair and maintenance

Yeah, it might sound a little insane to you, but trust me this is very much possible with the AR technology, that allows customers to get how-to information for repairs, maintenance, and vehicle features right from their smartphones. The AR technology 3D overlay images which appear when a user scans the specific area of the vehicle, where they can learn the repairing instruction.

2. Retail

Online shopping has taken the world by storm amid the pandemic, and this trend will go on to be stronger beyond this also. The development of AR apps in the retail sector helps users to select the right size and eliminate purchase returns. This can also be used in the furniture and other retail units to promote the products in an efficient manner.

3. Manufacturing

For the manufacturers to monitor work progress in real-time is the biggest challenge, as they have to take care of other required processes in the manufacturing unit. To ease down the owes of it, the implementation of AR technology can save a ton of time using digital maps and plants. 

4. Education 

To unravel the unlimited possibilities in education, the role of AR cannot be missed. It offers a unique and cognitive teaching and learning process to the learners and students. This technology has bridged the gap of different education sectors to be implemented in real-life, now students can learn deeply about the surgeries, languages, historical sites, and much more.

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5. Travel and Tourism

With the AR technology, the travel sector can show tourist routes and directions to reach the destination, and translate the foreign language street signs and other sightseeing. Also, with this technology, users can experience the cultural values of a specific destination that can bring a competitive advantage to tourists.

Benefits of AR in different businesses

As we all know, technology is ever-flourishing, unique and noticeable, and over the years it has created a buzz in the market. Different technologies are being used for different business sectors, and here in this blog post, we are going to discuss the benefits of AR technology, which is encouraging businesses to grow inclined towards it.

1. Bring stores to the customers

It was not possible earlier, but the integration of new technologies, such as AR has made it possible, with the ability to offer an immersive experience to the customers where they don’t need to visit the shop physically, but get the showroom walked at their doorstep. AR lets the businesses to provide virtual coverage of products to users so they can understand more about the products, and shop without being troubled.

2. Social network via AR 

Today businesses are trying their hands in AR technology to create worthy and relevant AR-based social networks. With this very technology, users can make videos and location-based messages throughout their own cities through the mobile device only.

3. The automobile industry gets introduced to safer technology

In the automobile industry, one of the greatest challenges has always been to enhance safety measures, but the lack of real-time data creates a gap in making those services available. The right set of information that AR has got to offer, can help in driving real-time drivers’ data that further lets to interact with physical objects and give the information in an accurate manner.

4. Incorporates workforce training hassle-free

The workforce training would not remain as it used to be in the normal days before the pandemic blow. Now, it is hard for training professionals to reach out to every nook and corner of the world to conduct training. Here, the integration of AR technology will make the road as easy as possible, where no one would face the challenges of the virus outbreak, and carry on the training sessions from a far-fetched distance location. This will enable them to streamline the effectiveness of their training and make the engaging platform without invading the social distancing guideline.

5. Enhances customer experiences

Companies in today’s time are looking for measures to improve their ROI, and this is where AR is offering them a helping hand. It involves plenty of engaging devices, letting businesses take their business mechanism to another level, and in return, businesses provide an immersive experience to its users, while sharing the real value of their business. […]

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